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Artists Asking Artists: Gary Beck & Klaudia Gawlas

Two of techno's finest sit down for a chat
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Recently, Gary Beck and Klaudia Gawlas released their collab EP, Sakura, a banging three-tracker of no-frills techno. Big kick drums, straightforward percussion, and thick atmospheres help create a release perfect for the club or festival. To find out more about both the release itself and their collaborative process, we invited them to interview each other for another installment of Artists Asking Artists. 

Klaudia asks Gary:

Gary Beck

Gary Beck

How was working with me? Did you enjoy it?

It was a pleasure! I have always enjoyed the times when we play together, and I feel the positive energy came across in the tracks. We often play in a similar style, so I felt collaboration was the natural thing to do.

How did the tracks work on the dance floor when you played it for the first time?

Bombs!! They work so well, especially ‘Treasure’. It's the kind of tool track that can be played at any point in a set. It really gets the crowd moving. I also feel 'Sakura' will be in my sets for a very long time. It's slightly more hypnotic and works really well at the right moment.

The name Sakura comes from you, what is the story about it?

'Sakura' is Japanese for 'Cherry Blossom', the national flower of one of my favourite countries, Japan. I always love Japanese names, and I felt it fitted well with the track.

How do you handle being a musician and also having a private life? Is it hard to switch sometimes to a normal life?

I think I handle it much better with age. Sometimes it can be hard to "switch off", especially after a run of amazing gigs. The natural high that comes from this can sometime take a while to level off. I try to add a structure to my weeks, like a normal job, however, sometimes it's impossible.

What is your secret for happiness?

I don't really have a secret, however, I find the more time I spend outdoors with my family and my dog, that keeps me smiling. Also making big tunes!

Are you still nervous at the shows? And what do you do before your gig? Do you have a ritual?

I do sometimes! I can't seem to pin down why I do. Some gigs don't phase me in the slightest, but sometimes I pace up and down the hotel room waiting for playtime.

I like to try and sleep for an hour or two before the gig. That usually gives me a boost for the show. Also, a nice glass of Chardonnay 😉

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Gary asks Klaudia:

Klaudia Gawlas

Klaudia Gawlas

How are the tracks working for you on the dancefloor, and what is your favourite?

All 3 tracks are great, I really love them. The energy they bring is special. ‘Sakura’ I think is my favourite of the bunch, I love how everything moves in the track, and its atmosphere. Sometimes I loop it and play it with two other tracks. This creates nice moments on the floor.

Do you prefer to play smaller intimate gigs, or the big festivals?

I like both. Festivals are generally always bigger, and this makes them special in their own right. When the energy from the crowd comes back it´s huge. Festivals also provide you with a chance to bump into tons of friends and colleagues in one place, which I love.

Yet get me in that small, dark intimate club and I am in love! It feels kind of romantic to me. You have a connection with the place and the people there. I like to test tracks in clubs as well as festivals, as they provide a contrast in reactions.

What would you say are your favourite 3 Cities in the world?

First is New York. I still don't know what it does to me, I’ve been there a couple of times and also played my debut there before Pandemic. But I just love the city for its energy. It´s very special for me to be in NY. Also, I have many nice memories of when I was in the US studying when I was younger. The next and very close second is Amsterdam. Love the vibes and the old town. It´s beautiful, even in the rain! The third one is Passau, the city where I live. Just a small but beautiful one. They say it´s the small Venice.

Do you enjoy flying? Or do you often get a little nervous?

Most of the time I enjoy it. I read something and chill out by myself. I mostly don't work on the flights. But I don't like airports, It's just too crowded and they stress me out a bit. I hate security control. But yeah, also, when there is a storm, it's not comfy anymore :)

What's the weirdest or strangest thing that's happened to you while DJ'ing?

There was a drunk guy, who came to my stage and said “I am the technician guy“ and went to my mixer and turned down the music. And started it again. I was very young and didn't know who he is. He did that couple of times and then I knew he has no clue what he is doing. So, I told him to go.

You told me about your love for Football. Who is your favourite football player of all time, and why?

I like the Brazilian Player of the '90s. Ronaldo was one of them. When he had the ball there was a goal. No chance. He was a machine. But I love to watch many players. They impress me so much with their skills. Best thing I ever experienced was Champions League FC Bayern. Ribbery was kicking the Corner and Robben took it volley and smashed it. This was so crazy. Just a perfect kick.

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