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Your Guide To Binaural Recording: The 8 Best ASMR Microphones In 2022

Here is our comprehensive list of every good ASMR microphone you can buy to record ASMR videos and vocals.

To ensure your ASMR videos are high quality, you must find the best microphone possible. This guide helps determine what kind of microphone you need, whether you're just starting to create ASMR or are an experienced ASMR artist.

What is an ASMR microphone?

If you want to be making ASMR, you will be pleased to know that you do not need a specific microphone. Any microphone good for recording vocals or picking up low-level sounds in detail will work. Generally, a large diaphragm condenser would be the best choice for an ASMR microphone.

Just starting podcasting? These are the best mics for it

You may find yourself in a situation where you must consider what kind of microphone to use for quality ASMR recordings. USB microphones are an excellent option for people who don't want to spend extra money on an audio interface, XLR cable, mic stand, pop filter, and more. You can also find cheap ASMR microphones that sound good enough for this recording style by going the USB route.

Dynamic vs. Condenser Microphones For ASMR

When shopping for an ASMR microphone, you will likely come across two main types of microphone construction: dynamic and condenser. 

Dynamic mics are usually more durable and don't need external power to function, but they aren't as sensitive. They don't create noise on their own. However, the amplification process can sometimes introduce noise back into the signal, depending on the hardware. Condenser mics are more delicate but usually provide a higher quality recording. They need external power, either from batteries or from an external power source, to work correctly.

Condenser mics need a power source, and their internal amplifier can raise the noise floor. They're also typically more fragile. But condenser microphones generally have higher sensitivity across a broader frequency range, making them an excellent choice for the quieter sounds of ASMR. 

If possible, opt for a large condenser microphone since they usually offer a better signal-to-noise ratio and improved low-end frequency response.

Blue Yeti Series

What Is It?

The Blue Yeti line of microphones is one of the top brands of USB condenser microphone options on the mics for the ASMR market, offering users a massive level of quality and simplicity with its plug-and-go design. Whether you're looking to record music, podcasts, or gaming content, the Blue Yeti is a great option that will deliver clear and concise audio every time.

This microphone is designed to be used with your computer, saving you time and money on high-quality recordings.

Why We Love It

The Blue Yeti can pick up various sounds and frequencies, producing clear, precise audio. The omnidirectional capabilities of this microphone make binaural recording significantly easier since we don't have to worry about the proximity effect. The Blue Yeti also offers a headphone jack for real-time monitoring, making it my favorite ASMR microphone on the list.

You can set the Blue Yeti microphone to different recording patterns, or "polar patterns," which control which sides of the microphone capsule record audio. For example, setting the microphone to a cardioid pattern will cause it to only record sound from the front. In contrast, an omnidirectional pattern will cause it to record sound from all sides. This versatility is one of the main reasons why condenser microphones are so popular.

The Blue Yeti is the best microphone for streaming and ASMR that I have come across. The one feature I am all about is the headphone jack built into the microphone.

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HyperX QuadCast

What Is It?

The HyperX QuadCast is a gaming microphone setup perfect for ASMR recordings. It has high precision control and an anti-vibration shock mount, which makes it ideal for beginners who want to plug and use it. 

It is a perfect mic for beginner ASMR producers who wish for a versatile yet affordable mic for different projects. It is an excellent choice for those just starting in the ASMR community who want to explore all the possibilities this type of content offers and offers reliable ASMR effects every time.

Why We Love It

Sure, when choosing an ASMR mic, there are a lot of other mics that may have slightly better sound quality for AMSR than this mic, but at this price point, what else can you expect? It's a perfect entry-level microphone for a beginner ASMR artist to use. It is an excellent microphone for the price, which is why we love recommending this microphone to ASMR artists.

Plus, we can't write this review without giving a shout-out to how slick and cool this mic looks. When you're seriously trying to choose an ASMR microphone, maybe the look isn't at the top of your priorities. 

But this microphone setup's red and black color scheme is just dope. Full stop.

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Rode K2 Multi-Pattern

What Is It?

The Rode K2 Multi-Pattern condenser microphone is a high-performance and versatile cardioid pattern and a professional-grade, warm, smooth sound. The valve mic provides a highly detailed sound that captures every whisper, sound, and source in great detail, making it ideal for ASMR recording.

Despite its plastic design, this microphone is also well-crafted, making it feel quite durable. The connection is a traditional XLR, requiring phantom power to work. There is no low-frequency cut switch on the mic, but not required for most ASMR recordings.

Why We Love It

The mic's beautiful richness and openness accurately capture even the most gentle transients and spectral shifts. The K2 delivers a balanced "silky warmness" similar to a Neumann U87, but with added buttery goodness. This buttery goodness is essential when you're buying an ASMR microphone. This microphone is ideal for people who cannot afford a U87 or AKG C12. It has a pleasantly warm "tube" sound without being excessively tubby or wooly and a slight increase on the high end to bring out some detail without sounding harsh.

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Shure SM7B

What Is It?

Although it is more expensive than the other options on this list, the Shure SM7B has some great features that make it ideal for an ASMR microphone. 

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These features include a windscreen, an internal pop filter, and a cardioid pattern. Another great feature is the electromagnetic shielding which protects against hum from electronic devices such as your computer. This option is best for those who can afford the higher cost in exchange for the best quality sound.

Why We Love It

The SM7B has a distinct sound. The audio pattern replicates the well-known SM58's presence-boosting curve. So the SM7B can give your recorded voice the same live Shure SM58 "character" if you know how to use it correctly. It will never be as sensitive as a condenser mic. However, it's a fair trade to get great character without some of the delicacies. With some post-recording engineering and compression, you are set up great for ASMR recording.

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Neumann TLM 102

What Is It?

The Neumann TLM 102 is a small, large-diaphragm condenser mic. It has been designed to be resistant to high levels of sound pressure. 

This makes it ideal for ASMR vocals that are clear and soft, and it has built its reputation on being best suited to recording vocals. This is because it is designed with a slight increase in the upper mids, which adds excellent, airy quality to recordings without making them sound nasal.

This is a small but very stylish microphone. It has no controls of any kind, no pads, filters, or otherwise, making it very simple to use. A simple red logo on one side indicates the side to point at your sound source - it is a cardioid mic, after all.

Why We Love It

The Neumann 102 is a great entry-level microphone perfect for various applications. The clean sound it produces is excellent, and for only a few hundred dollars more, the 103 model is even more versatile. However, if you are after a specific sound for podcasting or voice acting, the Shure SM7B might be a better choice. It's also more versatile than the 102. 

This is the best microphone I've heard or owned. It's crystal clear and captures sounds perfectly. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality mic.

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Samson Go

What Is It?

The Samson Go Mic is very cheap, costing only $39.99. It has two different patterns (cardioid and omnidirectional). You can use its clip stand for sitting on a desk or be clipped onto a laptop. The mic has a good signal that should make Skype calls more transparent and be a valuable tool for ASMR content. 

The Go Mic is a good budget recording tool but is not as high quality as a $100 or $200 USB mic. The capsule can record clear audio, but it is not as good as more expensive mics. If you adjust the gain in your recording software and get a good signal for your recording subject, you can get clear, crisp recordings.

Why We Love It

This mic is easy to use and great for the price. You can record podcasts or commentaries for Youtube videos with it. I have done both, and I'm delighted with the sound quality. It works with Windows and Macbook computers. 

This microphone is compatible with Audacity and OBS, two free programs. You can create presets for room noise and how sensitive you want the mic to be. The mic has different settings that allow you to pick up ambient noise or just one side of the mic.

Need to brush up on your DAW knowledge? We got you...

This is useful when recording by yourself. The -10 dB setting is excellent for when you might have noise in the background because it picks up sound from closer proximity to the mic.

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Zoom H3-VR 360°

What Is It?

The H3-VR has a four-capsule Ambisonic mic that allows you to record high-quality 360-degree VR audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. In addition, you can also record stereo binaural WAV files at up to 24-bit/48kHz resolution, enhancing your 2D productions with 3D audio. You can also capture standard stereo files if you want your recordings to be played from speakers instead of headphones. 

The Zoom Ambisonics Player software lets you convert your Ambisonics recordings to 5.1 surround sound for standard video purposes.

Why We Love It

I liked the Zoom H3-VR because it was affordable. It made ambisonic/spatial recording accessible for those on a budget. I was also impressed by the ambisonic decoding on board. This audio interface is ideal for recording sound designers and videographers. 

However, it also provides excellent sound quality for musical instruments such as drums and percussion. In other words, it is perfect for stereo recording.

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Audio-Technica AT2020

What Is It?

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a top microphone for its affordable price. It is considered a workhorse because it has many features. 

For example, it works with both Windows and Mac computers. The microphone excels at reproducing vocalizations and other acoustic sounds. It captures all the subtle changes in voice applications, making it perfect for recording acoustic guitars and other instruments. 

It may well be that this is the best mic on the market for the money.

Why We Love It

It's a good value for the price. The microphone technology isn't changing much these days, so it will hold its value if I decide to sell it and upgrade to a better model.

If you are a professional, you should get something more expensive if you can afford it. But for the rest of us, this is a great choice. It records voices and sounds perfect, is durable, and has a nice weight. Some cheaper mics feel like they will break easily, but this one is great.

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