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The Best Plugins For Melodic House Production: Budakid Shares His Favorite VSTs

Budakid's latest single is a masterclass in producing a melodic house song. So we took the opportunity to chat with him about what plugins, VSTs, and softsynths he uses to make amazing melodic music that gets signed to big labels.
budakid shares his best plugins for melodic house production

Budakid is a powerhouse producer in the world of deep, organic, melodic house music. Racking up hundreds of thousands of plays on big labels like Disco Halal, Watergate Records, and Guy J's Lost & Found, Budakid seems to have found the perfect recipe for amazing melodic house productions. 

And as the genre becomes ever more popular, there are countless fans and fellow producers who are asking questions like 'What plugins are best used for melodic house productions?' and 'What plugins did this melodic house producer use in their latest single?"

Well we here at Magnetic went straight to the source and asked Budakid to dive deep into his favorite plugins he uses to make his incredible melodic house tracks.

Stream Budakid's Latest Single 'Coffee Cup'

Coffee Cup_Cover_DEF

Budakid's latest single, "Coffee Cup,' is a masterclass in melodic house production and has all the elements any fan (or producer) of the genre is seeking. It's soft tones and listful melodies all work in tandem to pull at the heart strings of anyone who listens. 

But this result isn't so easily achieved. 'Coffee Cup' is a mix of softer kick patterns, heavily affected vocals, warm analog sonics, ambient synths, and stretched out effects that have take a producer like Budakid years to really master. 

Support the artist and by purchasing this track – out now on Permanent Vacation

Luckily for you, this can be achieved using the exact plugins Budakid breaks down here. This makes it all the more important that you listen to the single a few times over so that you can digest all the nuances in the track that Buda uses these plugins to achieve.

Note From The Editor: The rest of the words in this article are from Budakid, who was generous enough to share with us his high-level insights into making amazing melodic music. 

"Let me share my current top 5 list of my favourite plug-ins that I use at the moment. Software that inspires me and that is kind of intuitive at the same time. I am mostly looking for intuitive plugins and software that don't get me stuck in the creative process. It's important for me to keep a certain vibe and mood flowing which will slowly fade away once I start programming a VST or synthesizer." -Bukdakid


bazzism melodic house production

Bazzism is a software plug-in for Kick drums, one I use on a regular basis. 

A very intuitive tool with an easily understandable envelope and other parameters to tune and create the perfect kick. Mostly I start with a kick and bassline to create the fundamentals of a track. With this plug in it became easier for me to clean up the low end with the parameters Bazzism provides. 

This allows me to control and understand the low-end much better. There are a few tricks that also speed up the creative process. One of them I find quite useful is the tuner, which allows you to tune the kick in the key you're working in.

Sang This Plugin Here <<<

Vocalsynth 2

Vocalsynth is part of the amazing iZotope bundle. 

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A plugin that includes almost every effect you want to use or play around with when using vocals. It is quite intuitive and it sometimes really surprises me with its extraordinary results. But of course, we could route anything through the vocal synth and this is where the magic starts. In one of my latest releases "If Chickens Could Talk" the vocal synth also played a big part. 

Once I recorded a kalimba in the studio, I didn't want to have it as silky as it sounds originally. So I put the vocal synth VST on top to create some weird textures and almost a robotic (chicken like) effect.

Snag Vocalsynth 2 Here <<<

Devil Loc Deluxe

Devil Loc Deluxe

Devil Loc Deluxe is like a sound destroyer. Where you think something is too sweet or could use some destruction, Devil Loc fixes it. 

Devil Loc crushes your sound extremely so be careful. 

Need A Free Alternative? Check Out These Free Saturation Plugins

For me it's mostly the tool I use to spice up my drums. Not only do I use it as a processing effect, but also automate the "mix" knob sometimes so you can turn a hi hat, synth or vocal into something nasty and dirty over time towards a drop for example. 

I also use it to destroy certain drum sounds - such as a clave, tom or snare - to make them pop out more which creates more contrast in my mix.

Snag Devil Loc Deluxe Here <<<

Omnisphere 2

omnisphere soft synth

Omnisphere got into my life only last year. It was one of those vst's I knew it existed but always thought I could do the same with other plug-ins. 

I was wrong! 

Omnisphere became my number one synth in the creative process. A strong, versatile and easily understandable tool that keeps on inspiring you with its libraries and presets. 

While jamming it's easy to look for different sounds. For me personally it works fantastic, because I mostly want to keep a certain spirit alive in the creative process which I would lose if I get distracted by synths that need more focus and go more into depth.

Grab Omnisphere Presets Here <<<

Paul Stretch


Paul Stretch is one of those VST's that actually does one thing. In this case it's stretching audio. But Paul is more than special. You can even stretch up to almost infinity. 

This provides you to stretch samples in such a length that they become soundscapes itself. A good example is the slower version of Radiohead's Pyramid song (800% slower). 

Within Paul Stretch you've also some other functions to create extra harmonics, change the pitch and filter with different bands. If you don't have any inspiration, throw a sample with some harmonic content (like a short acapella from 4 seconds for example) into Paul Stretch, stretch it and you just created a drone to build on some new ideas.

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