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Here's What Went Down At Insomniac's Day Trip Seattle Festival

Boasting an impressive lineup of DJs from all realms of the house sound, the audience geared up for the first-ever Day Trip Festival in Seattle. Here's what you missed.
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Orhun Uygur for Insomniac Events 8

Under the sweltering Seattle sun, hundreds of festival-goers gathered for a day-long house music extravaganza. 

As people trickled in, local DJ Simone BG greeted the crowd with the day's first set. The venue, located in a park directly adjacent to the Space Needle, hosted various activities for guests as they settled in for the day. 

There were several food trucks, a photo booth, and even hammocks for those who needed a break from the action. The big draw, however, was the massive fishbowl drinks. Complete with a rubber duck floating in an alcohol bath, the event was primarily fueled by colorful drinks.

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Who Played At Day Trip Seattle 2022

Tony H kicked off with an energetic set that brought people to their feet. By the end of the hour, there was already a decent dancing and chanting of his name. Next was Anabel Englund, who graced the stage with impressive vocals and equally danceable beats. Anna Lunoe connected instantly with the audience. 

Bringing some of the best bass drops of the day, she was a breath of fresh air that revived the crowd. James Hype was, of course, a crowd pleaser and filled the venue with raw energy. Beach balls and flamingo totems flew as people headbanged to the familiar sound of “James Hype, Bitch!”. Lee Foss followed and wowed the crowd with his techno remixes of classic favorites. Purple Disco Machine switched the vibe with his funky, disco-inspired sound ushering in some beloved oldies.

Headliner Duke Dumont brought the energy with a dynamic and unique set. His song ‘Red Light, Green Light’ commanded the audience to stop and go with the beat and was a smash hit. It was a perfect blend of intensity and complementary visuals.

Finally, Kaytranada closed out the night with his signature sultry sound. The melodic beats felt like the perfect close as the sun began to set. Unwinding, relaxing, and unique, the crowd was a sea of people sitting on others’ shoulders just to get a better view. It would take a powerhouse like Kaytranada to get a crowd of Seattlites to spend 9 hours in the sizzling heat dancing away to house music under the sun. 

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