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Chris Rohn

Chris Rohn is a Germany residing, Detroit native architect and alternative dance disc jockey who has performed and held residencies at all of the usual suspects in the Detroit alternative dance scene: from City Club to Luna, Necto to Smalls, including Movement Festival performances at Hart Plaza in 2003 and 2006.

Chris has always maintained a radio and music programming project in one form or another including acclaimed mix series, "In Hindsight," "Populace," "Selected Synth," and "Party In My Head." He has hosted numerous radio programs over the years at outlets such as WBLD, WUDM, In Perpetual Motion, Sanctuary Radio, and WDET HD2.

Chris currently leads Indie Discotheque, a global collective of Indie Dance / Electronica lovers who want to spread the word about amazing music at

Send him submissions at