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David Ireland

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been obsessed with media. It sounds strange, I know. When I was just 9-years-old, I created a newspaper and offered my mother the job of editor, which she happily accepted. Distribution was small but that didn’t deter me—I had the Citizen Kane virus. And then at age 23, I started another publication called BPM CULTURE Magazine (eventually dropping the word "Culture"), which evolved into a media company called Overamerica Media Group. I found myself in the media business because I love sharing information—telling great stories, sharing ideas and most importantly, informing people about great music! Like most ‘creative types,’ I dabbled in just about everything—from DJing, to producing, and even to creating a record label. And my list of other interests (hobbies) goes on and on; I will leave that for my autobiography. After Overamerica, I spent some time on the client side in fashion, then consulting for various start-ups, only to lead me back to where I started—a start-up media company.  It all happened over dinner one night, a friend said why don’t you start up another magazine about EDM—Magnetic was born.