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Funky Fresh Fire

Funky Fresh Fire 

Brett & Randy met outside a Claptone show at Kingdom Nightclub in Austin, TX in July of 2016. After 1,249 tracks shared, countless traktor sessions, and a dozen-plus events attended together, the Funky Fresh Fire brand was spawned. Fast forward 6 months and the two have been nearly inseparable; the bromance strengthened by constant sharing of their respective styles of ear candy. Brett's musical flavor was based off Southern California’s booming underground House & Techno scene, where attending events like Desert Hearts, Minimal Effort, and Woogie Weekend shaped his musical being. Randy, on the other hand, lives on an island of happy vibes, filled with the likes of Pontchartrain, Young Pulse, and Oliver Nelson. A main contributor to Indie Discotheque, an online radio station, he spends his free time scouring the internet for the freshest flavors of disco, old and ’nu’, to share with his friends online. Together Brett and Randy curate a sound that sprints from heart-screaming disco to brooding, malevolent techno, with an acute appreciation for the ‘house’ that sits in between.

Brett Hanrahan 

Brett aka Brettley5.0 went to his first electronic show in 2010 when a friend quite literally dragged him to this “low-key” festival called EDC. As I'm sure you can imagine, this was quite the introduction to the electronic music scene, as he danced his black ass off to Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Kaskade, and Dirty South. While main staging raving was fun, Brettley quickly familiarized and immersed himself into the extensive low-key house and techno scene that So Cal had to offer. He currently enjoys tech-house, deep-house, acid house, (eh, ALL house) with a heavy dose of funk and disco to prop up the good vibes. Like a sizable percentage of young Californians, Brettley now finds himself in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX, where he searches weekly to fill the house-shaped hole in his heart.

Randy Stuckless 

A software engineer based in Austin, TX, Randy checks all the boxes for the token “basic” millennial. Born on the internet, he contributes to a number of projects on the World Wide Web under the pseudonym ned_stark_reality (AKA ’ned’). Raised on the tundra of Western New York, he escaped the frigid winters by throwing himself head first into the lovely world of disco and electronica. As a main contributor to Indie Discotheque, an online radio station, he scours the internet for the freshest flavors of disco vibes to share with his friends. Favorite projects also include working on Eve, a crowd-sourced Javascript robot who helps run Indie Discotheque. You can catch Eve doing song callouts on the radio stream, or DJing when there are no humans around. If you don’t find Randy trawling soundcloud or annoying his favorite artists on facebook, he’s most likely hiding behind his Ray Bans near the speaker stack at a local house, techno, or electronica event.