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David Lacey

Hailing from the green isle with miles of smiles, and often referred to as the gremlin by those who have been out on the session with me, I have the “Gift of the Gab” and a champion of waffle wars. Often found in the kitchen sesh after a gig, debating and contemplating music, culture, life in Ireland and of course the dreaded meaning of life conversations that only every arises in the early hours of the morning. I’ve been known as a techno fiend and will never miss a good gig. Although writing has found priority, I still find time to skate in my local when ever there is a free minute.

Poetry was my first love in terms of what kicked off the pursuit of a career in writing, but now I hope reporting and novel writing will be my salvation from the 9-5. My first introduction into the scene was by the global underground CDs, shown to me by my ex-boss, could you imagine it, Sash in the mix with speakers at max, when you walked into a skate shop seeing me mid dance. I will be honest and say, it was mad how many older parent’s when they walked in would have a wee dance.

But that’s the mad Irish for you, and that’s it from me.