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JL Vaden

J.L. Vaden is the founder of Dynamic Fitness Co., a fitness facility that works to improve the lives of individuals through functional fitness and whole foods nutrition. Vaden received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies from the University of Northern Colorado.

As a Denver native, J.L. fell in love with sports, fitness, and the outdoors at a young age. These passions led him to become a high-level athlete, competing in two collegiate sports at the Division-1 level, and earning a combined eight achievement letters. In addition to his personal accomplishments, Jeff has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry and has coached more than 50,000 session hours at various training studios, gyms and boot camps in the Denver area.

J.L.’s philosophy on life is that a person who wants to be successful should leave nothing to chance. We should TRAIN for the things we want to be good at. We must EAT the things that will nourish your mind and body. We should LIVE with the confidence that anything we dream can be achieved through perseverance. These are the pillars from which he lives his life every day.

When J.L. is not coaching clients to improve their health or spending time with his family, he hits the beautiful Colorado trails. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, biking, fishing, camping and doing anything that can bring him closer to the wilderness.

In all, J.L. believes we should not take life as it comes to us, we should live like we trained for it!