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Saxe Coulson

I grew up in Long Island and then moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of 14. I first discovered electronic music through some deadheads who introduced me to Drum & Bass and Mark Farina's 'Mushroom Jazz' as well as numerous acoustic artists such as Bela Fleck, Keller Williams, Sambush, Widespread Panic, Moe., etc. After relocating to Brooklyn, NY in my mid 20's, I became infatuated with House and Techno music and eventually landed a position as US Editor of the UK publication, Data Transmission. During my time with Data Transmission I had the opportunity to interview an array of artists at a multitude of festivals throughout the country. I now reside in the Los Angeles, California area where I have embellished my longtime infatuation with the Cannabis industry. I have a profound interest in further developing my knowledge of the various benefits and uses of Cannabis as well as the culture that surrounds it.