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Magnetic Magazine is an online publication specializing in music and culture featuring interviews, premieres, mixes, charts, gear reviews, industry news, op-eds, and more. Magnetic focuses on the cutting edge and is the perfect intersection of electronic, indie, and hip-hop.

Founded in 2011 by BPM Magazine founder/publisher, David Ireland, and editor Rob Simas, Magnetic was designed to move in real-time. The content is an ever-evolving amalgamation of what our editorial team considers to be fresh, disruptive, and inspiring. 

Magnetic delves deeper into the notions and politics of what modern music has become and what's next. The perfect junction between culture and music, diving into topics such as sustainability, travel, camping, and festival life. 

The seasoned voice within these cultures featuring journalists that have been there since the beginning, while also giving fresh perspectives from a new crop of opinion leaders. The future is being written, and Magnetic was created to document it. We'd like it very much if you'd join us. Become part of our dialogue. 

Observe. Report. Experience.

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