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Adnan Mirza – Dallas Correspondent

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I am 24 years old. Born in Austin, Texas. Grew up for the most part in the Dallas area. I lived in Pakistan from the time I was 2 years old until I turned about 6, and have lived in Plano, Texas since then. I got into dance music at a very young age. I have been blessed to be around this beautiful scene since I moved here from Pakistan at the age of 6 years old. The reason I got into this music at such an early age is because my oldest brother, Omair Mirza, is a music producer and DJ. When I was 6 he was 14 years old and was getting into just spinning records at the time. All I would hear is dance music growing up, and I fell in love with it since day one. As I got older and as my brother's career grew as a DJ and producer. I grew more fascinated by the business aspect of it. By the time I was 16 I had seen amazing DJ's such as Armin, Tiesto, Sasha, John Digweed and numerous others. I started to think what goes behind a show and how everything is put together. It was about 2009 and the EDM swing was in full motion. Everyone in the nation had now heard of 'EDM' and knew someone who listened to it. I could not be any happier.

Alec Figueroa – Electro House Editor

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When someone is passionate they can accomplish amazing things. East coasted raised, San Diego living. Don't walk...DANCE! Be the change you want in the community. Follow wherever your ears and heart lead you...

Anders Seefeldt – Staff Writer

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I discovered Brisk & Trixxy’s “Eye Opener” in the 00s through a friend who's a crop farmer. It blew my mind obviously. Since then I've been raving from farm fields to Fabric, creating and capturing those small moments wherever I can. Joined the team in 2014 after writing for I Can Give You House.

Ashlee Rose – Staff Writer

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia ~ I'm into many different genres of music, but became passionate about trance and house about 15 years ago. I love discovering new artists and tracks, writing, and being creative through any outlet possible. I'm happy to have this opportunity to share with the world my two cents and opinions about the music that I love.

Ashley Manning – London Correspondent

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I'm originally from Liverpool (secretly the best city in the world) but I now live in the Southeast of London in a place called Peckham. I moved down here to study an English MA and doubt I'll be leaving the capital any time soon. My love for electronic dance music comes from back in the day, when my mum used to listen to dance music whilst cleaning the house. It was because of her music taste that I now head in the direction of all the DJ sets each week.

Ben Houston – Tropical House & Chillout Editor

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Assigned to DJ lunches in middle school, Ben started every set with Fatboy Slim's Rockafellar Skank and hasn't stopped since. A man of many playlists, he enjoys a wide variety of musical tastes and obsessions but being a beach kid in LA, has a soft spot for the chill and tropical varieties. Does Ben Houston go to festivals is like asking does a Deadmau5 shit on everyone. Check out his coverage and enjoy being transported into the mind and body of a guy who gets it. He sings the word of MSTRKRFT's "Heartbreaker" like a champ, his top electronic shows have been Chemical Brothers, Eric Prydz and Disclosure and he has an addiction to Welch's fruit snacks.

Cameron Rule – Techno Editor

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When I was 13 years old I discovered electronic music and was enthralled. I became fascinated with the club and rave culture that went with what we all now refer to as EDM. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) there were very few opportunities for me to five into the rave scene at 13. Fast forward to 2008 when I attended Hard Haunted Mansion at The Shrine in Los Angeles. My eyes and ears knew they were home when the lights, pounding bass, and loving energy from the entire crowd overtook me. I have since become a DJ and aspiring music producer, performing as Master Wayne. I am overjoyed to be a part of Magnetic Magazine, where I will be delivering the freshestTechno tunes out there every week.

Carly Mountford – Drum and Bass Editor

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Repping NZ, abducted by London and held hostage here for the last 3 years by the drum and the bass. All about the dirty beats, the UK festival scene and the almond croissants. Dig a bit of jungle, like a little liquid….most likely to be found resembling a sweaty seizure on the dance floor or pouring Red Bull into my rum (the two are probably linked, who knows?). No claims to expertise or professionalism here, I just bloody love a tune. So, without further ramble - feel free to drop some chat at me at

Catherine Moutrane – Beirut Correspondent

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Born in the 80s in Thessaloniki, Greece. Lebanese/Greek/Irish. Coming to you from Beirut, Lebanon. Currently working at Lets Play Records, a production, artist development and management community rooted in the streets of Hamra. All about promoting the incredible talent coming out of the Middle East and the many, many beautiful stories that need to be told. Studied in London. Worked in London. Love London. 3 years at a Music and Fashion PR firm in West London and a MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management from Imperial College, Business School.

Christopher Reed – Denver Correspondent

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I am a Colorado native and have lived all over the state. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, went to college in Durango and finished school in Fort Collins. I now live in Denver and am part of The Hundred Denver, a group of friends, promoters, and musicians within the electronic community here. I'm an avid outdoorsman and love to fish, hunt, hike, camp; anything outside! I work full time at the Capitol Hill Whole Foods, which allows me tons of opportunity to meet like-minded people who share my love for music. I try and go to at least 2-3 shows a week and try to vary what I see, not just stay within one genre. I listen to anything from classic rock to country to metal to jazz to electronic, it all has something to offer. And that's me!

Danny Kaufman – House Editor

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Hi all, Danny Kaufman here and I’m the House Music Editor here at Magnetic Magazine based out of Hollywood. I’ve been a fan of music for as far back as I can remember and the electronic variety has proven to become my true passion. It first struck a chord with me in the late 80s and I was completely hooked to it once it blossomed in the early 90s. From that point on, I started DJ'ing throughout LA for the next 15 years or so. Fast forward to 2014 and I have now taken on the task of bringing Magnetic Magazine’s readers what I feel are the best and most upfront releases in house music every week. Also, every now and then I will be writing reviews on albums and events too.

David Ireland – Editor In Chief / President

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Ever since I was a little kid, I have been obsessed with media. It sounds strange, I know. When I was just 9-years-old, I created a newspaper and offered my mother the job of editor, which she happily accepted. Distribution was small but that didn’t deter me—I had the Citizen Kane virus. And then at age 23, I started another publication called BPM CULTURE Magazine (eventually dropping the word "Culture"), which evolved into a media company called Overamerica Media Group. I found myself in the media business because I love sharing information—telling great stories, sharing ideas and most importantly, informing people about great music! Like most ‘creative types,’ I dabbled in just about everything—from DJing, to producing, and even to creating a record label. And my list of other interests (hobbies) goes on and on; I will leave that for my autobiography. After Overamerica, I spent some time on the client side in fashion, then consulting for various start-ups, only to lead me back to where I started—a start-up media company. It all happened over dinner one night, a friend said why don’t you start up another magazine about EDM—Magnetic was born.

Dermot O’Sullivan – Montreal Correspondent

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A Montréal-based Irishman with a passion for unearthing new talent and a taste for live music. Founder of Dublin’s When We Dip and House and Techno curator at

Elyse Young – Staff Writer

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Based in New York City, former ballerina dedicating her time to marketing and industry partnerships at Jukely! My first festival was in 2009 - mistakenly wore espadrille wedges and sprained both ankles. Later on, an internship at Webster Hall opened my eyes to the music industry and so far it’s been an amazing journey. In my spare time I am a dedicated guacamole, moombahton and Netflix enthusiast.

Hannah Deupree – Staff Writer

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Lost on musical adventure since 2001. Festival head, raver roots, gypsy hippie hybrid, traveling the world to hear the beats drop. Staff writer, EDM aficionado - active with Magnetic since July 2013.

Harrison Williams – Managing Editor

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Growing up in the Tri-State area, Harrison Williams was exposed to the tenacious and bustling nightlife scene that has evolved in NYC. Dance music became a firm passion of his after attending various warehouse parties that seemed to pop up like weeds, and he quickly plugged himself into the community. After exploring the wide range of genres and styles that are ever present within the dance music culture, Harrison was hooked to the gritty underground where music is a shared obsession by many who find themselves wrapped up in the dimly lit rooms. With a degree in Philosophy and Psychology he has used his skills to analyze and interpret the disparate emotions felt while in the dance. Also an experienced DJ, he holds a monthly residency at one of the Lower East Side’s most attended DIY venues, Leftfield NYC.

Justin Shamlou – Miami Editor

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Raised on a steady staple of Dance Music compilations, I discovered House and Techno through the likes of Armand Van Helden and Carl Cox as a toddler. As a teenager in the SF/Bay Area, I discovered the world of raves and clubs and my passion for the music grew exponentially. Now, I live in Miami and run the Underground Dance Music blog I will focus on reporting the happenings of the Miami Club Scene for the world to get a little look into our slice of heaven.

Kirk Williams – Deputy Editor & San Francisco Correspondent

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A purveyor of the unique and sophisticated, a man who consumes only the best in good music - I am Kirk Williams and I do what I can so you know exactly what is going on in techno and nu-disco. Be it the obscure to the mainstream, I assure you I'll give it a fair listen and divulge to you my honest opinion. I also run the City Correspondents section and currently serve as Deputy Editor.

Kane Michael – Gear Editor

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A 23-year-old electronic music producer, DJ, and radio host, as well as an electronic music snob and gear nerd. Avid fan of all things electronic since I first heard the acid line in Moby’s reversion of the James Bond theme in 1997. Attended my first event in 2010 at which point I realized my reason for existence was to be a music producer and DJ. As a producer, I constantly seek cutting-edge tools to fuel my productions, whether that be gear, sounds, or theories. As a writer, I seek to give real, honest feedback on all products as to give accurate reviews on the latest and greatest, in order to help give buyers an unbiased look at their future investments.

Magnetic Editorial Desk

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Hello from the Magnetic editorial desk. Our team of receivers and transmitters generates these quick posts in-house. They represent our personal perspective of the world around us... a reflection of ourselves, if you will. We’re constantly overwhelmed and inspired by the ideas and information around us. This is one way we react to the immediacy of the Internet.

Masha Lukashenko – Staff Writer

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"We're fools whether we dance or not so we might as well dance." - Japanese Proverb Masha is an absurdly devoted member of the underground music scene. Her desire to "shake dat groove thang" on the dancefloor is what motivates her to keep chasing new beats. A native New Yorker, born in the Ukraine, she has spent countless of days lost amidst the world of deep house and techno all over the world. With a passion to travel and a heart filled with love of music, she is finishing her Bachelor's in Entertainment Management and working towards becoming an artist career development liaison for European underground music labels. In the meantime, she enjoys writing about the current changes in the music scene and offering assistance to her fellow artists in NYC/Boston!

Megan Sutherland – Staff Writer

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The daughter of a Billboard Music journalist, Megan Sutherland cut her musical teeth before she cut her actual teeth as a rock n' roll rugrat raised on classics from the golden age of vinyl. Today she can be found on set, backstage or at the most underground of undergrounds getting the inside scoop on your soon to be favorite DJ.

Natasha Mason – Detroit Correspondent

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Long-time music enthusiast, I have been living in the Metro Detroit area my entire life. While my music interests may have changed, my love of music has never faltered. I am a music consumer, journalist and radio show host. To say indie dance music is my “life” would be an understatement. Now, with the birthplace of Techno as my backdrop, I am working to infuse some of that history and culture back into the industry.

Neal Rahman – Associate Editor

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Associate Editor at Magnetic Mag, originally from Boston. Arrived in Los Angeles in 2013 to study at USC.

Rich Kim - Editor At Large

Rich Kim Profile Picture

I’m a seasoned shooter and lover of life and living…outside of photographing whenever, however and whatevers…you could say that I have a plethora of hobbies… fuck it, let’s call it a vast consuming ocean…sometimes you can find me tending to my heirloom tomatoes and various other greens that grow in my mini garden. I’m a frantically charged toy collector, lover and customizer with a penchant for kitties. Before my broken arm, I loved to surf…and WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE SUCH AN OBSESSION FOR LED LIGHTING??? In a nutshell I’m a neurotic bundle of interest. Weapon Of Choice: the Camera or a .45 ACP…Morality: in my D&D days I would always play a knight Aesthetic:I’m a t-shirt and jeans type of guy but I clean up quite nicely

Rosie Cain – London Correspondent

Rosie Cain Profile Picture

Rosie became acquainted with electronic music about 5 years ago and I never seem to tire of it - I mean there's just so much out there for the picking. Living in Manchester and more recently London, the music scene is thriving. I really do mean to spend a night in every now and then but it's tricky with so much great stuff going down! Special s/o goes to Soundcloud, my one true love - I may as well have shares in that company. Hoping I can bring some unique and diverse offerings from the UK and Europe, and maybe throw in a bit of good old British sarcasm for free.

Sarah Epperson – Staff Writer

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Born and raised in LA. Caught the bug at HARD Haunted 2009 (an event that our friends parents made her older sister take us to because we were far too young) with a lineup that still makes me weep. I also really love dinosaurs.

Taylor Barnes – Bass Editor

Taylor Barnes Profile Picture

Through his experience as a concert promoter and DJ while attending UC Santa Barbara, Taylor Barnes took his first steps towards a career in the music industry. Upon returning home to Los Angeles, Barnes quickly gained valuable work experience with respected independent music label Alpha Pup Records as well as electronic music blog Magnetic Magazine. After a few months of writing for Magnetic Magazine, he earned a genre editorial position thanks to his writing skills and ability to observe and understand trends in the ever-expanding world of electronic music.

Trevor Rieker – Staff Writer

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Embracing every aspect of life & music through my camera and sharing it globally. Constantly dreaming of that vintage Volkswagen bus that runs off corn and only makes stops for EDM festivals. Sorry if I've ever hit you with my bag as I was frantically running to get that money shot but thank you for moving around me. The most important thing to me is you.

Tyler Robinson – Gear Editor

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Growing up in Los Angeles exposed Tyler Robinson to electronic music early, inspiring his own production to begin near the end of high school. During his 4 years at University of California Santa Barbara where he studied Film and Business he began regularly DJing shows anywhere from 4 to 8 times a week. He has played shows from massive festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and Lucidity Festival to clubs such as Exchange, and Create in Los Angeles. As well he has held weekly residencies in the major clubs in Santa Barbara during his last two years at school there before moving to LA to attend ICON COLLECTIVE music production school. As an experienced producer and DJ, Tyler has had the opportunities to work with almost every type of gear and software on the market, and hopes to share his knowledge and experiences with the world.

Vanessa Carey – Staff Writer

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LA transplant and music aficionado here to get as much out of this city as I can. I have a background in music marketing and have been working in the electronic music industry for the past three years and counting. I love road trips and seeing new places, but when I am in LA you can catch me running around Hollywood or the Westside. Other interests include Quentin Tarantino movies, photography and puppies.