1. George Kelly - Vibe Away

George Kelly is back with his classic approach to disco, giving us a mellow and slightly tribal jam that is sure to start your evening (or maybe your morning) off right! The track is strongest at 2:58 when the killer xylophone kicks in. Sit back and enjoy!

2. Demi Riquísimo - Vernon

Demi Riquísimo is new to the scene and I would like to say welcome to the party! His latest EP gives us a little bit of house, acid and synth, but 'Vernon' is heavy on the disco! 1:38 brings in a nice rhythm guitar, then a slow vocal build, and at 3:46 we are instructed to "Keep it hot, keep that fire burning, burning, burning," which is exactly what 'Vernon' does. I can't wait to see what's next for this new artist!

3. Damocracy - Something Special 

There is "Something Special" about this track and it's because it's a true disco burner! I don't know what is in the water in Australia, but the disco coming from down under is just some of the best in the world right now. The vocal on this song is plain sexy and the strings are pure classic disco. 

4. Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing (mikeandtess Edit 4 Mix)

Well, let's face it, the Bee-Gee's produced some of the best disco classics ever and the tracks written and produced for their little brother Andy are some of their finest. mikeandtess have edited a little modern disco flair into this, making it just as enjoyable for modern audiences as it was in 1978. I am losing my head now over this just like I did when it first came out. 

5. C. Da Afro - The Disco Freak

This track is giving the funk some love, with cool electro vocals and plenty of slap bass to keep the groove moving. If your hips don't move to this one, you may be in traction! Just try not to bite your lip while you are dancing to this...dare ya! 'Freaky, freaky' indeed!

6. Lego Edit - Say Yeah

Also from the Funk Purpose EP, "Say Yeah" continues the mission of marrying disco and funk in the grooviest of ways. The first half of the song driven completely by the dirtiest of bass lines, "Say Yeah" comes to life in its second half with tinkling piano, rhythm guitars, strings, bongos and synths.

7. Tommy Tickle - Sock It

You guys, have you seen my cowbell? Oh wait, it's right here in "Sock It." There is no build-up to the groove with this track, it just kicks the door open and expects you to be dancing! The steel drums are pure magic in the middle of the song! I don't know much about Tommy Tickle, but my ears can't wait to hear more!

8. The Patchouli Brothers - Mass Belief

Star Creature records have given us another classic disco jam, this time by The Patchouli Brothers. This track sounds like it came through a time machine and straight onto your dancefloor. "Mass Belief" has all the platform shoes, afro puff, bellbottom goodness that would convince anyone it was 1974 all over again!

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9. Yolanda Be Cool - Dance and Chant

The first question this song asks is "Can you feel it?" and gets a resounding YES from me! "Dance and Chant" is straightforward in its request to get its audience on its feet. I love the claps mixed into the overall driving beat of this track. More, more, more!

10. Situation - What is Going on feat. Andre Espeut (Andromeda Orchestra Remix)

This song is a pure party in 3:06 minutes. Andre Espeut silky vocals are the stuff that dreams are made of. The crowd cheers say it all. This jam should be 10 minutes long, but I will take three when they are this good.

11. Toro y Moi - Laws Of The Universe

In case you forgot how funky Toro Y Moi can be, Chaz is back to remind us over and over again on his new album that he is! 'Laws Of The Universe' starts low and funky and keeps it eclectic all the way through. Talk to me Chaz, talk to me.

12. OLLIE S - Heatwave 86 (Limpodisco Remix)

Limpodisco is back with another killer remix, this time with 'Heatwave 86'. Since I am not enjoying an actual heatwave right now and am happy to let this sexy number wash all over me. I have no idea what the vocal is saying on this track, but that's OK because the chill vibe is much more important. 

13. Will Hofbauer - Work It

Brassy brass, slappy bass and all the swagger the 1970's could muster are all living their best life on this super funky jam by Will Hofbauer. I may need a Courvoisier to sip while listening to this. The vibes are up all over the place on this masterclass of funk!

14. Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble - Love On the Line

Oh, jazz flute, take me away! "Love On The Line" is a super jazzy way to bring your party to a close and move straight to the satin sheets of your mind (or real life, your call). This track would make Ron Burgundy proud.

15. Ben Browning - We Can Build This City (Falcon Punch Remix)

This song is the soundtrack to sunrise. Flowy and gorgeous, Falcon Punch has smoothed out the rough edges of the original indie track by Ben Browning and made it pure sexiness. I love the hopeful lyric and promise of good things to come. Enjoy.

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