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Tourist Crafts Rich, Warm Electronic Album With 'Everyday'

Tourist has released his sophomore album 'Everyday,' the follow up to his acclaimed debut 'U.'


Will Phillips aka Tourist has released his sophomore album Everyday. It follows up his 2016 record U that helped break him out among tastemakers and fans alike.

U was a journey through heartbreak, told through the eyes of Phillips. Everyday finds the producer and writer in a better place emotionally, still longing for love, but no longer working through a traumatic past.

“I’m happy now,” he says in a statement, “and much of this music is simply the result of me enjoying the creative process and exploring how sounds can make me feel.”

There is a certain continuity to the two albums as well. U was very subdued and mellow. Everyday continues in that same sonic realm, but also has some more upbeat records like “Apollo” or “Violet” with its almost breakbeat bassline. Much of it is still focused on swirling synths, soft pads and subtle crunching fx that feel like freshly fallen snow beneath your feet.

The melodies are especially rich on tracks such as “Someone Else” with echoing vocals and piano that enters the foreground, but doesn’t dominate. There is a soothing, calmness that pervades the record, washing over you and holding you tight like a warm blanket on a cold night.

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UK garage basslines serve as danceable undercurrents regularly on the record like “Love Theme” as it pivots between the more ethereal, ambient numbers and others that will fit into livelier sections of a performance.

Everyday starts out slow with the softer tracks like “Emily” or “Someone Else,” but then slowly builds into more upbeat records with more prominent basslines. This trend eventually crescendos with “Violet,” which combines the soothing pads with, piano, chopped vocals and a jungle bassline, before settling back down with the calming final track “Affection.”

Just like U, Everyday has high repeat potential to it. The listener could feel the melancholy on U, but there is a warmth on this record that wasn’t there on the last. There are still some of the same types of sounds, but it has changed to match the life has created.

“It’s me embracing my everyday experience of being someone who can’t quite believe how lucky he is to do this for a living, and reflecting on what it is to be a husband, brother, son and self,” Tourist says.

Everyday is out now and can be streamed below or picked up anywhere you do that. Also check out his website for a complete list of upcoming US, Australia and UK tour dates. 

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