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Luttrell Releases Soaring, Beautiful Debut Album 'Into Clouds'

Luttrell lives up to the expectations from his singles with his debut album.


Luttrell has released his debut artist album Into Clouds on Anjunadeep. The former M Machine member launched his solo project in 2016, taking his music in a very different direction. His music has been largely signed to Anjunadeep to this point, giving us small tastes at a time with singles and the occasional EP. Now we get a complete thought with a full album in the form of Into Clouds.

The album starts out very strong with “After All,” which feels like a crossover record between Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, with soft pads and an angelic female voice floating in the distance. "Out Of Me," "Still Dreaming" and the soaring and energetic title track “Into Clouds” draw you into the record.

He then switches things up with some breakbeats on “Windowscene” without losing the overall theme of the record. Adding vocals to “Quiet Even Dark,” delivers more of an uplifting element to the record, before plunging into darkness on the aptly titled “Haunted Jungle Cruise,” highlighted by spooky synths swirling in the background.

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The album captures the essence of Luttrell’s sound with booming, deep basslines and strong melodies that are woven into the songs. They flutter over the top of the tracks as the bass stabs get stuck to the fabric of the records and shake you to your core. It blends house and a dash of trance to give you something you know is Luttrell’s and works with Anjunadeep.

If you had any other reservations about the album, just look at the mustache game.

Stream the album below and pick up a copy anywhere you do that. The vinyl also has his mustache on it and will be available on March 1.

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