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The Chemical Brothers continue to roll out new music and videos for their upcoming album No Geography. It is hard to tell which have been better, the videos or the songs, but we got both at once with their new single “We’ve Got To Try.”

The song is filled with gritty, acid, funky basslines. It doesn’t simply rely on the 303 for all of the song like too many acid house songs, but instead incorporates the 303 into a larger composition.

The video may be even better. Directed by Ninian Doff, who also did their 2015 video “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted,” it hones in on an abandoned dog and its journey to becoming a bonafide superhero. It learns to race an F1 race car and then to fly a spaceship, exploring a new planet, which then becomes dog planet.

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“We’ve Got To Try” is the song of the upcoming F1 2019 season, and for it, they broke down, re-engineered and accelerated to 15,000 BPM to reflect 15,000 revs per minute RPM the cars can travel travel. You can hear that three-second clip here.

No Geography will be released on April 12.

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