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I am back from vacation and ready to give you 15 of the best Disco/Funk tunes that March had to offer. From The Funk District, Peggy Gou, Barry & Gibbs, and quite a few fresh faces, we are going on holiday, even if it's just in your mind!

Mélonade - Take It To The Top (Discoholic Remix)

Discoholic has added a glossy sheen to an already excellent future disco track. This remix removes the 'future' aspect of this song and adds some dreamy waves and cool breezes. The breathy vocals whispering "Take It To The Top" is the icing on this cake. I want to live in this song. 

The Funk District - Woo Hoo

"Woo Hoo" feels like it was born on a street corner in 1974. Bite your lip funky, the congas and sexy horns get to your soul within the first minute! Don't miss that electronically altered growl at 2:05 because that's some deep sauce. Outta sight!

Patawawa - Wires (Hot Toddy Disco Dub) 

A few months ago Patawawa gave us "Wires", and now Hot Toddy is back with a smooth groovy disco dub to help you find your way to Funkytown. The majority of the vocals are gone from this dub and that's okay because the driving bassline and bright horns are what you want to hear. I am feeling wired to this song too.

Pasteur Lappe - Na Real Sekele Fo Ya (Barry & Gibbs Edit)

Barry & Gibbs are the masters of finding long lost songs and adding their magic touch to them, making the track all you want to hear! 1979 would love to hear this modern disco take on this Afro classic. 

Munky Fike - Venice Beach

If your song opens with wa-wa guitars, chances are strong that I am going to be hooked. Backed by some jazzy keys, bass, & strings, "Venice Beach" has it all. 2:49 brings the funky sax that brings this track home. Just try not to sway when this track comes on, I dare ya!

Em Vee Edits - You Move Me

There is a reason Marcel Vogel is the boss at Lumberjacks In Hell. He has disco/funk in his soul! This Razor-N-Tape release is a little disco, a bit funk, with a sprinkle of synth-pop thrown in for good measure. The mixture is pure fun and you will be surprised by the twists and turns the track takes. Excellent.

Peggy Gou - Starry Night

Peggy Gou is back with "Starry Night", which is a lovely marriage of house and disco, but this time on her own label, Gudu Records. Once again we are graced with Ms. Gou's muted vocal stylings in her native Korean, which make her songs uniquely her own. Her use of power words as lyrics throughout the song track right alongside her own career trajectory. Peggy Gou is a girl-boss and she is here to stay. 

More Lotion - Them Changes

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"Them Changes" is ultra 1970's cinematic. Every time I hear this, I keep expecting to see Charlie's Angels running across my TV screen chasing a bad guy. This track a pure homage to that time period and it completely works. More Lotion is another fantastic artist from Mexico, and I can't wait to hear what he has for us next.

Buzz Compass - Dreams

Remember when I said we would go on vacation? Buzz Compass "Dreams" is taking us there. If you can get to a beach, please do, but if you are like me, just imagine the sand between your toes as this disco beauty washed over you. There are even wave sounds to spark your imagination. You are welcome!

Hurlee - Juicy Jazzy

"Juicy Jazzy" has a funk/jazz vibe that is oh so sweet. Hurlee keeps it mellow and sexy, but what better way to get your partner to dance? This one would also sound so good while cruising with the top down. 

Mokoa & Agrume - Thing That You Need

"Music Is That Thing You Need" is the message, and this groove makes you believe it! Every woo, ahh, and finger snap are going to make your hips move. I am loving the partnership between Mokoa and Agrume. Agrume works with a lot of different styles of music, but this is definitely the "Thing That You Need." 

Internet Xacker - Disco Voyage 

One of the fresh faces I was mentioning earlier, Internet Xacker has taken us on a "Disco Voyage" with this track, which is very reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder. If this track is any indicator of what we can expect in the future, then I am all ears for this new artist.

Trussel - Love Injection (Baume Love Edit)

Producer Baume has added some serious heat to Trussel's "Love Injection." This is a major floor-filler, with a heavy bass and vocal breakdown in the middle to keep your anticipation peaked for the rest of the groove. So funky!

The Right Now - If It Was You (JKriv Remix)

JKriv just knows how to take a good song and make it great. How one person can harness this much funk and groove and manage to still sound fresh is amazing, but he continues to do just that. "If It Was You" is deep and sexy, and just when you didn't think you were going to get up and dance, 3:18 happens, and you are on your feet. Bravo JKriv, bravo.

Phonk D - Talking Vintage

This track has a slow burn intro that takes fire at 1:03. Wait for it, because the funk is powerful and you are going to want it. At 2:06 the disco takes over with a wash of strings, so you had better make sure your boogie shoes are ready for the dance floor! Check out the rest of Phonk D's Disco Goodies Pt. 2 EP on NDYD Records. 

Make sure to enjoy the playlist on Soundcloud now!

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