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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of March 2019

This month, fans were treated to new music from Maztek, Audio, The Outsiders, and more

March has been another massive month for drum & bass with Maztek and Audio both launching new labels, Lenzman’s new album featuring the highly anticipated collaboration with LSB, plus some hefty remixes from Turno and Feint. While it is always hard to narrow it down to only fifteen tracks, March has proven to be an especially challenging month – check out our Top 15 drum & bass tracks of March 2019 below and let us know which tracks you think should have made the cut!

1. Maztek – "R4V3R5" (0101 Music) 

Italian producer Maztek announced the launch of his own label, 0101 Music, last year withsome huge releases, and it is now the home of his newest album 4 The Ravers. Jam-packed with gritty, techy neurofunk, our favorite is the heart-pounding, sharp, and totally mesmerizing “R4V3R5.” Delivering high energy, flawless production, the track is quirky enough to set itself apart from a lot of other neurofunk, making it an easy pick for this month’s chart.

2. Insomniax – "One More Time" (Viper Recordings)  

Insomniax has long been one of our favorite, serially underrated producers, and 2019 has been an especially strong year for them already. This month, Freshold (1/2 of the Insomniax moniker) released the first part of his forthcoming V7 Saxon Street EP with a two track single, including "One More Time." Fusing together the classic sound of old school jungle together with the influence of his background producing early rave music and hardcore, the track is a tribute to the warehouse rave days of the 90s, and combines the best of old and new for a seriously special release.

3. Audio – "Frog March" (Snake Pit Records) 

Another artist to launch a new label this month, drum & bass legend Audio revealed his own imprint, Snake Pit Records, to the world with new single “Frog March.” A glitchy drop makes this a memorable tune, breathing new life into the old school signature of the esteemed producer. Loud and clever, we can’t wait to hear what Audio has in store for Snake Pit.

4. The Outsiders – "Entity" (Korsakov Music) 

The young duo from Leiden have been quietly making waves for some time – picked up by Noisia before turning 18 and with releases on Vision, Invisible Recordings, Korsakov, Vandal, there’s no questioning The Outsiders are one to watch. Their latest release, Entity, is full of dancefloor weapons. The title track delivers equal parts mystery and destruction with a menacing intro and thrashing drop. Rest assured big things are to come from this talented pair!

5. Danny Byrd – "Starting It Over (Turno Remix)" (Hospital Records)

We’re huge Danny Byrd fans and haven’t stopped dancing to Atomic Funk since it came out, so when we saw that Turno had done a remix for “Starting It Over,” we knew it was going to be wicked. Maintaining the summer essence of the original but adding something just slightly darker to the mix, Turno adds a healthy dose of his signature bass while also turning up the funk for the perfect remix. Murky yet still upbeat, this jungle-with-a-punch record will be on repeat for months to come.

6. Jolliffe – "Profoundis" (Soulvent Records) 

A name that seemingly came out of nowhere, Jolliffe has been making some serious moves lately, both with his solo project and as a part of new Eatbrain supergroup Clash Tone. His latest release on Soulvent Records is an ominous, shadowy tune that delivers end-of-the-rave energy and is sure to be a favorite for DJs and fans alike.

7. Dabs – "Granulair(Dispatch Recordings) 

Dabs is another name that has been a hot topic as of late, and rightly so. His recent Wormatic EP on Dispatch has been turning heads left, right, and center with it’s out-of-the-box concepts and wonky sound design. Perhaps wonkiest of all is “Granulair,” standing out for its fast-paced dose of weird sounds and oddly enticing groove. Unpredictable, unusual, and incredibly charming, Dabs has established himself as a true creative, delivering a refreshing twist on drum & bass that we can’t get enough of.

8. Simula – "Warthog" (Simula Music) 

We’ve had a lot of animal-themed stompers released this year it seems (DJ Limited’s “Elephant,” Audio’s “Frog March,” The Caracal Project’s “Wolves”), and this new one from Simula is nothing short of massive. About as loud and bass-heavy as music can get, this relatively simple tune stands out for it’s unapologetic, floor-shaking sound – definitely fitting to the name, too.

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9. Circuits – "Berlin Outfit" (Critical) 

Circuits was perhaps one of the greatest things to come out of 2018 (if not all time); the lovechild of InsideInfo and Kasra, the two working together has been nothing short of phenomenal. March has seen the release of the first part of their Euphoria EP, full of technically stunning and completely mesmerizing tracks. Our favorite, “Berlin Outfit,” exudes exotic textures and sounds that seem to surround you from all sides – Circuit’s strength in sound design produces music that seems to exist in 3D, creating an immersive atmosphere that is second to none.

10. Kove – "Echoes" feat. Ben Duffy - (Drum&BassArena) 

Making a triumphant comeback in late 2017, Kove’s releases have been met with ample anticipation and support ever since. His latest release on Drum&BassArena (and the first one since last August) is the strikingly beautiful “Echoes” featuring Ben Duffy on vocals. Definitely well worth the wait, the track combines dazzling vocals with even more exquisite melodies, capturing the ultimate comforting vibes the genre is capable of.

11. Lenzman feat. LSB – "Noodles" (Metalheadz) 

Lenzman teams up with LSB for some stunning liquid gold. “Noodles” is every bit as euphoric and lovely as you might expect from the two, full of gentle drums, soothing vocals, and elegant melodies with an Eastern influence that makes it a standout tune.

12. Kings of The Rollers feat. Chimpo – "Shella" (Hospital Records)

Everyone’s favorite DnB supergroup Kings of The Rollers released a new single this week, the aptly titled “Shella” – but not only that, fans were also treated to a music video from the trio that is not one to miss. Playful, cheeky, but still undeniably a banger, “Shella” is the perfect example of the trio’s rapid rise to success.

13. Culprate – "Beat Down" (MethLab) 

The don of ingenuity that is Culprate treated us to some new music on MethLab this month with “Beat Down,” the high-energy, high-octane weapon of a tune that takes no prisoners. Chaotic, heavy, and thunderous as hell, “Beat Down” is yet another shining example of the Bristol based producer’s unrivaled creativity and out of this world sound design.

14. S.P.Y – "Open Your Eyes" (Hospital) 

This month, the dubplate legend S.P.Y released an entire album of fifteen brand new, back-to-the-roots tunes that are nothing short of exceptional. Our favorite is the sultry, luxurious, old school jungle flavor “Open Your Eyes,” which mixes opulent pop vocals with classic jungle drums and S.P.Y’s signature groove that makes this one of the most iconic releases of the month, if not year.

15. Fox Stevenson – "Out My Head (Fox Stevenson and Feint Remix)" (AntiFragile) 

Without a doubt our favorite track to be released this month was this remix of Fox Stevenson’s “Out My Head.” The original, released earlier this year, marked the announcement of a new album from Fox, and this remix has managed to increase our excitement tenfold. Fox and Feint team up to deliver the ultimate DJ weapon with cutting basslines and an unparalleled energy – just watch the crowd’s reaction on the Rampage 2019 Monstercat stream to get an idea of how insane this tune is. These two never disappoint but this is an especially fun one!

That’s all for this month, but be sure to check out our last two charts from this year for more of our favorites!

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