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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of April 2019

Featuring new music from Brookes Brothers, Droptek, Vorso, and more

The end of April means 2019 is already 1/3 of the way over and summer is just around the corner, and nothing says summer vibes quite like liquid drum & bass! April saw the release of plenty of lush new tunes from Edlan & Monrroe, Brookes Brothers, Mohican Sun, and more, as well as three full-length albums covering the full DnB spectrum from Matrix & Futurebound, Droptek, and Technimatic. Spoilt for choice this month, check out our 15 favorite tracks from April 2019 below:

1. Brookes Brothers - ‘’Good Thing’’ (Drum&Bass Arena)

Nothing says summer vibes quite like Brookes Brothers, and their latest release, ‘’Good Thing,’’ delivers classic soulful Brookes Brothers vibes to the max. With sultry female vocals and a whole lot of attitude, the track is perfect easy listening before a big night out or to wind down at the end of the weekend. Vibes on vibes!

2. Droptek - ‘’Illusions’’ feat. Holly Drummond (Korsakov) 

This month saw the release of Droptek’s debut album, Symbiosis, a stunning 18-track release full of experimental bass music ranging from heavy neurofunk to the elegant ‘’Illusions.’’ The track features Scottish songstress Holly Drummond, who lends her eerily beautiful voice to the poignant and enchanting track. Sophisticated, intricate, and delicate, this is an absolutely gorgeous tune with impeccable sound design and thought behind it.

3. Matrix & Futurebound - ‘’This TIme’’ feat. Tom Walsh (Metro Viper Recordings) 

Of course, the other massive album to drop this month was the highly anticipated sophomore LP from Matrix & Futurebound. Mystery Machine is a celebration of the duo’s lengthy and successful career, full of a variety of high-energy dancefloor beats. Our favorite from the album is the emotive ‘’This Time,’’ featuring the vocals of Tom Walsh. Indie vibes meet Matrix & Futurebound’s signature pop-infused underground sound, a creative composition that really is something special.

4. Edlan & Monrroe - ‘’Used to Be’’ (Integral) 

Two of the most talented & underrated producers in the game, Edlan teams up with Monrroe for ultimate collaboration goals on ‘’Used to Be.’’ The first track off Edlan’s Tree of Life EP on the prestigious Integral Records, the track is soothing and tranquil. The ultimate relaxing pick-me-up bop with a bright and graceful vibe, ‘’Used to Be’’ is nothing short of liquid gold. 

5. Fred V - ‘’Storm’’ feat. Rothwell (Hospital) 

This month, Fred V treated fans to his second solo single since splitting from his duo with Grafix. ‘’Storm’’ is a sultry, comforting track with a relatively simple opening, giving the absolutely phenomenal vocals of Rothwell room to shine before introducing a slightly darker twist with the drop. We’re excited to see Fred V develop his individual sound with his upcoming Proximity EP on Hospital Records. 

6. Mohican Sun - ‘’Darkest Hour’’ (UKF) - Of course, one of the most exciting releases this month came in the form of Mohican Sun’s contribution to UKF’s 10 Year Anniversary compilation. The mysterious DnB producer(s) have gifted fans with yet another mesmerizing track, this time with opulent female vocals and a glittering atmosphere that only fuels the mystery further of who is Mohican Sun? 

7. Fox Stevenson - ‘’Go Like (D&B Mix)’’ (AntiFragile) 

It’s no secret we’re beyond excited for this new Fox Stevenson album, but the end of the month we were surprised with a drum & bass mix of recent single ‘’Go Like’’ and we can’t get over it. All the infectious charm of the original but with a whole new energy, Fox Stevenson never ceases to impress! 

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8. Chime - ‘’Hurry Up’’ (Most Addictive) 

While best known for his unique brand of "color bass" dubstep music, Chime surprised fans this month with a drum & bass release that is simultaneously heavy and vibrant. Packed full of his signature, video game-inspired chirpy melodies with a hearty dose of underground drum & bass vibes, ‘’Hurry Up’’ is an absolute weapon of a tune, and one that totally took us by surprise.

9. Dan Dakota - ‘’We Let ‘Em Go’’ (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)’’ (Liquicity) 

Dan Dakota’s ‘’We Let ‘Em Go’’ has been a staple in our Liquicity library for years, and so when we saw Australian duo Ekko & Sidetrack were giving it the remix treatment, we couldn’t wait to hear it! Capturing the bubbly atmosphere of the original but with a powerful new punch in the drop, Ekko & Sidetrack have successfully managed to both maintain the feel-good, comforting qualities of the original while still putting their trademark spin on it - everything a good remix should be!

10. Vorso - ‘’Strange Attractor’’ (Inspected) 

Vorso delivered one of our absolute favorite tracks of the month, the funky and filthy ‘’Stranger Attractor.’’ The track highlights the young producer’s impeccable sound design through a series of changing arrangements and moods, seemingly chaotic yet all tied together under the unique brand he is forging for himself. Quirky, groovy, and flawlessly executed, Vorso is full of surprises and is certainly one to watch.  

11. Chase & Status - ‘’Program’’ feat. IRAH (UMG) 

Chase & Status have been the talk of the town since their ‘’RTRN II JUNGLE’’ announcement, and rightly so! A name that has known success all around the world over a lengthy 15 year career, Chase & Status have long been pioneers of the genre. ‘’Program’’ certainly delivers on their promise to return to jungle, serving old school sounds revamped for 2019 in a way only Chase & Status could.

12. Calyx & Teebee - ‘’War Dub’’ (RAM Records) 

Another duo returning to their roots this year is Calyx & Teebee, who pay homage to dubplate culture with new single ‘’War Dub,’’ reflected in everything from the title to the cover art. A jazzy opening paves the way for frenzied jungle drums and a loud horn loop that is sure to be a favorite for both new and old fans alike.

13. Friction - ‘’Forever Dub’’ feat. Kiko Bun (Kanine Remix) (Elevate Records) 

2019 has proven to be a huge year for Kanine, and this remix has been on everyone’s lips for weeks now. Fun summer vibes infused with just the right amount of dutty bass while still delivering a bouncy groove, Kanine absolutely smashed this one! 

14. Technimatic - ‘’Sometimes’’ (Shogun) 

Technimatic was the third artist to release a major album in April with their Through the Hours LP on Shogun Audio. One of our favorite selections is ‘’Sometimes’’ which gives us classic old school liquid vibes with a jungle twist and a whole lot of soul. Delivering charisma with a punch, Technimatic are a duo who can do no wrong. 

15. Bungle - ‘’Healing’’ (Prestige Music) 

Last but not least, this month saw new music from Brazilian producer Bungle with a 3-track EP on Prestige. ‘’Healing’’ delivers proper underground throwback vibes with a funky twist that we can’t get enough of. Playful and catchy, ‘’Healing’’ makes for a strong finish to yet another wicked month for Drum & Bass.

For more of our favorites, check out last month’s chart and be sure to let us know what tracks you think should have made the cut!

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