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Com Truise Brings Bright, Ominous Synth Work To New Album 'Persuasion System'

Com Truise releases his new album following up 2017's 'Iteration.'
Com Truise Persuasion System

Com Truise Persuasion System Cover

Com Truise has released his new album Persuasion System. Born out of an experiment, the new album embraces the space-age sonic palate with synth-heavy productions. Out now on Ghostly, the album follows up his 2017 LP Iteration.

Persuasion System flips between bright, uplifting production and dark, more ominous tracks. Flipping the script on a lot of electronic records, the album starts slow and eases its way into the complete project. It opens with the soft and slow “Worldline” before getting into the sluggish and thumping title track “Persuasion System.” Not looking to build on that energy, the listener is invited to a more ambient state on the gentle “Gaussian.”

The album continues like a Weird Science trip through the infrastructure of the internet. It continues to build with the bright “Ultrafiche Of You” that introduces the frenetic snare rolls and percussion that keep the middle of the album advancing. The pacing still remains measured and somewhat slow, until it crescendos on “Laconism” and settles back down for “Privilege Escalation.”

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The synths and melodies have a clear 1980’s influence, incorporating dark synthwave with bright melodies that create contrasting moods that somehow fit together. There are even love songs on this record with “Ultrafiche Of You” with its quirky effects and bright synth work.

Com Truise for this album changed digital audio workstations and rebuilt his palette of sounds to allow himself to move in a different direction. There is some change from past records, but overall style and tone is still largely the same. Persuasion System is a bit brighter and smoother and brings his music out from the larger galaxy and back to hovering over the beauty of Earth. 

Stream the full album below and get a digital copy or vinyl here.

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