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Interview: JackLNDN Talks The Desire To Sing On His New Album 'Thoughts'

We caught up with Jack about his upcoming album, touring, Colorado and his emotional journey.

jackLNDN is a busy guy. His first official album Thoughts will be released on August 16th, with the singles "Frequency" and "With You" having been released earlier this year. The latest teaser single "Gone" dropped this past Friday, June 21st. One more single "Stronger" will be released on July 19th, and finally, the world will get to go on the emotional journey that are the 12 tracks of Thoughts.

At 27, Jack has already released several EP's, a compilation of unreleased material, remixed other artists and toured the world multiple times, both DJ'ing and playing live. In 2014, Jack introduced himself to the public by remixing other artists and soon after began releasing a series of deep house, mainly instrumental EP's. Tracks like "Drop Out" and "All I See" gained him accolades and an even higher demand to remix other electronic artists. 

It's not that we haven't heard jackLNDN's voice before, but it was generally as another instrument rather than a lyrical vocalist. Jack's new album Thoughts is about to change all of that. Now settled in Colorado, Jack has turned over a new, more emotional leaf, and is more productive musically than ever.

With the album coming, we chat about how it came together, his move to Colorado and more.

Tell me about your new LP Thoughts and how it came together?

The album was written over the last three years. The songs were not written chronologically. Each song was meant to capture a feeling, taking the listener on an emotional journey. The songs are a mix of good and bad emotions. Spending the last three years writing these songs has been a sort of therapy for me. These songs represent my letting go of my English repression after coming out of a long-term relationship. I sing vocals on 9 of the 12 tracks. I think this is my best work to date because each vocal draws on confronting my emotions, capturing a feeling and translating that into words.

Has living in Colorado changed the way you live life and has it informed your writing process?

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I've been living in Colorado for over 3 years and I discovered as I made friends with people that they were actually interested in how I "felt" about things! Coming from England, people don't confront their emotions, but here, my friends were like, "Jack, are you doing OK?" No one had ever asked me that before. It helped me open up, and write a more personal album. Thoughts answers the question "Who am I and where am I going?" I don't think I could answer that question genuinely a year ago.

Let's talk about touring. I know you have played gigs all over the world. How different was touring across the US with the Funk Hunters earlier this year?

I love touring and playing small venues. This tour I made a point to hang out after my set and meet the people that came out to see me. Playing shows like that is very gratifying because it's intimate. I don't need a high production set up to play my set, so I really can play anywhere. In the future, I would love to have a full band to play with, that's the dream. I saw Dynohunter play live house music with a full band last night and was just blown away! I've always played house music, but I also want to be known as a singer. People are always surprised that I sing live at my gigs, but as a classically trained singer, I want to incorporate that into my music. As I make more music I'd love to become more of a crossover act like Hayden James. I think he's the gold standard. I want to play sophisticated house music and continue to grow my audience. After Thoughts comes out I will be touring more in the US, but also Europe, Canada, and Asia, with more dates to come.

Your Facebook profile says your influences are "The Late 70's." What does that mean to you?

It says that!? My mom used to play Earth, Wind, & Fire and a lot of disco when I was growing up. Lot's of people think the 1970s were the golden age of music, but I think it's right now! It's never been easier to be a musician! The selection of music that is available is amazing. It's a pretty cool era to be a working musician!

How did the artwork for Thoughts happen? The imagery is quite striking.

As an independent artist, I had always done my own artwork for my releases. There is never any budget to hire an artist, so you do your own art. Laura Matikainen reached out to me through Instagram and has created custom artwork for each track. It was a wonderful, serendipitous collaboration. Laura lived with the music and captured the essence of each track. You should definitely follow her work on Instagram!

You can follow Jack's releases on SoundCloud now!

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