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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of May 2019

May's finest dnb selects

With summer officially here on this side of the world, it’s the season for cider sipping in the sun and singing along to old & new DnB anthems. With a plethora of new music release this May and festival season nearly upon us, it’s time to crack open a cold one and boogie in the brief interims of warm weather this side of the Atlantic. With new music from Etherwood, Telomic, Hugh Hardie, and more this month, summer is certainly off to a wicked start. Read on for our 15 favourite tracks of the month, and be sure to check out last month’s selection for more DnB goodness.

1. Bensley – ‘’One Last Chance’’ feat. Skyelle (Remix) (RAM Records) - With a new album on the way, Bensley revisits one of his older tracks with a hefty remix. Celebrating his growth as a producer, the 2019 edit offers an illustrious ambience, enchanting vocals, and a formidable power behind it all that has us beyond excited to hear what’s in store for the new album. 

2. Hugh Hardie – ‘’Raindrops’’ feat. Cimone (Hospital) – One of the kings of soulful liquid summer vibes, Bristol native Hugh Hardie released his second studio album this month featuring ‘’Raindrops’’. This luxurious liquid roller encapsulates everything we love about the producer & the label and is set to be a soundtrack of the summer without a doubt. 

3. Magnetude – ‘’Friday’’ (Viper Recordings) – English – Russian duo Magnetude made their Viper debut this month, kickstarting the second ever Acts of Mad Men compilation with the ultimate party tune. The aptly named ‘’Friday’’ is an energetic, dynamic, and incredibly catchy tune that delivers start-of-the-weekend vibes any day of the week. 

4. Chase & Status – ‘’Weed & Rum’’ feat. Masicka (Virgin) – Weed & Rum are arguably two of the key ingredients to a fun summer, and Chase & Status certainly deliver the fun with this one. Taken from another massive album that dropped this month, ‘’Weed & Rum’’ is a playful, sultry bop that absolutely screams summer beach party vibes with a dirty twist. 

5. Vorso – ‘’Voltage’’ (Inspected) – It’s no secret we absolutely adore Vorso, and May saw the release of a brand new 6 track EP on Inspected entitled Metamaterial. Definitely, on the darker and weirder side of drum & bass, ‘’Voltage’’ delivers a hearty dose of Vorso’s signature creative & crisp sounds for a different kind of summer anthem, but rest assured this one will be on repeat for weeks to come. 

6. Polygon – ‘’Fusion’’ (Korsakov) – Dutch duo Polygon made their Korsakov debut this month with ‘’Fusion’’, a colourful dancefloor tune with a mesmerizing opening and vibrant drop. Artfully crafted and infused with inimitable energy, ‘’Fusion’’ certainly packs a punch while also maintaining an element of elegance that makes it truly memorable. 

7. Netsky – ‘’Iron Heart’’ (Nu:Logic Remix) (Hospital) – While brothers Logistics & Nu:Tone are responsible for some absolutely wicked productions on their own, their work together under the Nu:Logic alias is always nothing short of magical (their track ‘’Everlasting Days’’ being one of the ultimate summer tunes of all time, for example). This summer, they’ve treated us to a remix of Netsky’s classic ‘’Iron Heart’’, and it is every bit as incredible as you might expect. Harmonious, airy, and full of life, their remix pays perfect homage to the original while still delivering that special brand of Nu:Logic magic & charm. 

8. Tom Walker – ‘’Not Giving In’’ (Andy C Remix) (Relentless) – This month also saw the release of a hefty drum & bass remix of recent indie-rock sensation Tom Walker’s track ‘’Not Giving In’’. A pretty big feat for any drum & bass artist, the fusion of Andy C’s production together with Tom Walker’s admittedly infectious vocals makes for one seriously catchy tune. 

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9. Friction – ‘’Lost It Mode’’ feat. Linguistics (Elevate) – Yet another huge album to drop in May was Friction’s Disconnected EP which features the behemoth ‘’Lost It Mode’’ featuring industry favourite Linguisitics. Loud and in your face, the track is a tribute to the genre’s underground roots with plenty of booming bass and vigour. It’s great to see Friction step out of his comfort zone and absolutely smash it! 

10. Telomic – ‘’Alone’’ feat. Notelle (Galacy) – No stranger to Galacy or its parent brand Liquicity, Telomic has certainly mastered the art of lavish liquid. His latest release on the imprint, ‘’Alone’’, features the opulent vocal talent of Notelle amidst glimmering chords and gentle drums, making for a comforting atmosphere overall; Telomic is certainly one to keep an eye on! 

11. Prolix & Black Sun Empire – ‘’Savages’’ feat. Virus Syndicate (Blackout) – About as far from liquid as it gets, Prolix teams up with Black Sun Empire for the ultimate neurofunk track, made even better yet with the addition of Virus Syndicate on vox. Chaotic, dark, and absolutely filthy, this one might not scream summer vibes, but it sure is a heater and easily one of the best tracks of the month. 

12. Macky Gee – ‘’Games’’ (Down 2 Earth Musik) – Certainly a favourite in certain parts of the DnB scene, Macky Gee released his welcome to summer this month with the aptly titled ‘’Games’’. With an emotive intro and infused with nostalgic 8-bit sound, the track blends Macky Gee’s signature jump-up sound with elegant vocals and a whole lot of energy for something refreshing this summer. 

13. Ill Truth & Brann – ‘’Bounty’’ (CIA Records) – A techy jungle stepper and part of their Rule of Three EP, Ill Truth’s collaboration with Brann is a weighty one. Delivering old school vibes with an edge, the track is relatively simple, but masterfully executed in a way that makes it truly stand out. 

14. BMotion – ‘’The Focus’’ (Viper) – Another really summery tune to drop this month was a new one from Welsh producer BMotion. Utilizing incredibly alluring vocals together with classic dancefloor energy, this tune is about as lively as it gets and the perfect motivational anthem. 

15. Etherwood – ‘’See The Sky’’ feat. Thomas Oliver (Med School) – Another master of liquid, Etherwood released this stunning number on Med School this month. Leading with poignant piano melodies complemented effortlessly by Thomas Oliver’s inviting voice, Etherwood’s production soars to new heights with ‘’See The Sky’’. Bursting with charm and eloquence, there’s no better way to finish this month’s selections than with this luxurious liquid number. 

That's all for this month, but be sure to check out previous months' charts for more of the best drum & bass. 

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