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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of June 2019

This month features new music from Millbrook, LSB, Monrroe, Teddy Killerz, and more

June has been and gone and with it, plenty of sun (dare we say too much?). Festival season is officially here and so are all the tunes to get you hyped, whether in a crowd of thousands or at home on your ones. While we tend to lean towards a bit of liquid this time of year, this month also saw some filthy new releases from Teddy Killerz, Millbrook, Joe Ford, and more, so whether you like things on the heavy or lighter side, this month’s selections have something for everyone.

1. Telomic & Laura Brehm – ‘’Home’’ (Keeno Remix) (Liquicity) 

Keeno joins the Liquicity family with a decadent remix for Telomic & Laura Brehm, infusing his signature orchestral grace into the track. Laura’s vocals shine through with poise & grace over organic drums and soaring melodies for one seriously stunning tune.

2. Millbrook – Rituals (Viper) 

Newcomer Millbrook made waves on Viper this month with his second label release, featuring the shadowy bop ‘’Rituals.’’ A cinematic opening sets a serene ambiance before dropping into an inimitable groove that has all eyes on the budding talent. Energetic, vibrant, yet still with a dark edge, Millbrook is certainly one to watch. 

3. Camo & Krooked – ‘’Loa’’ (Hospital) 

Camo & Krooked made a triumphant return to Hospital this summer, and with it a new single. ‘’Loa’’ showcases the duo’s ever-evolving, remarkably unique sound with a tribal flare that is nothing short of incredible. Gritty, visceral, and raw, Camo & Krooked show us something new and we can’t wait to hear what else they’ve been working on. 

4. Jolliffe – ‘’Moving On’’ feat. Obi Franky (Soulvent) 

Another relative newcomer to emerge recently, Jolliffe released his debut EP on Soulvent this month, our favorite being the soulful ‘’Moving On.’’ Featuring the luxurious vocals of Obi Franky, the track is set to be a timeless classic for the talented producer with a gorgeous soundscape perforated by infectious drumbeats and a murky twist. 

5. Kanine – ‘’What I Said’’ (Drum & Bass Arena) 

Released as part of Drum & Bass Arena’s massive annual compilation, Kanine shows fans his versatility with this glimmering liquid number. Totally unexpected in all the best ways, Kanine masterfully blends soft vocals, oriental chimes, and, of course, just a touch of his more signature dutty basslines for one seriously wicked result.

6. Joe Ford – ‘’War March’’ (Eatbrain) 

Joe Ford also evolved his sound in a BIG way this month with the release of his EP on Eatbrain. Utilizing his technically genius sound design to craft entirely new moods to suit the Eatbrain brand, ‘’War March’’ stands out not just for its craftsmanship (which is pretty much god tier) but also its hi-octane, no holds barred energy that is just incredible. Joe Ford has somehow managed to break outside of the box even further and we are beyond impressed with his ability and versatility! 

7. Insomniax – ‘’Facehugger’’ (InsideInfo Remix) (Viper) 

This single, released as the second track off Viper’s second edition of the legendary Acts of Mad Men series, offers a lot to get excited about. InsideInfo & Insomniax have long been a dream collaboration of ours, so hearing one remix the other was almost too good to be true. A match made in heaven, InsideInfo lends his signature sound design to this alien-inspired tune for a tech-heavy, refined re-imagining of ‘’Facehugger."

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8. Document One – ‘’Shutdown’’ feat. Takura (Shogun) 

The first single off their forthcoming album, ‘’Shutdown’’ certainly does its job building more than ample hype for its release. Delivering Document One’s signature funk with cosmic spunk alongside the infectious vocals of Takura, this track is a certified banger. 

9. LSB – ‘’Here With Me’’ (Footnotes) 

One of the all-time DnB greats, LSB released a four track EP on Footprints this month, ‘’Here With Me’’ being the title track. Raw drums pair with a gentle melody and mesmerizing ambiance; LSB masterfully weaves new sounds and textures throughout the track with an enchanting effect. Soulful, delicate, and undeniably spellbinding, LSB has worked his magic once again with ‘’Here With Me.’’ 

10. Flite – ‘’Skywalker’’ (Liquicity) 

Reppin’ DnB in the USA, Flite released his Calm Before the Storm EP on iconic imprint Liquicity this month, featuring the vibrant & cheerful ‘’Skywalker." A playful melody shines over an overall upbeat sound, delivering pure euphoria with every note. This is the feel-good tune everyone needs to start their day! 

11. Monrroe – ‘’Everywhere I Go’’ (Shogun) 

One of our most favorite up-and-comers, Monrroe added yet another piece of stunning liquid gold to his repertoire this month with the lush and lavish ‘’Everywhere I Go.’’ Harnessing the raw emotion of jungle-esque drums together with luxurious vocals and a shimmering melody throughout, this is a lighters up in the rave, end of the night, special moment track without a doubt. 

12. Decline of Day – ‘’American Beauty’’ (Divination) 

A relatively new name and previously unknown to us, American duo Decline of Day made themselves known with their fascinating new tune ‘’American Beauty." Energetic, enchanting, and enigmatic, the track has a certain 80s flair that drew us to it originally before we fell for the complex musicality and creativity the track exudes overall. Definitely keep an eye on Decline of Day! 

13. Teddy Killerz – ‘’Be Afraid’’ (Eatbrain) 

Teddy Killerz have time and time again proven themselves to be the masters of just about every genre of electronic music – their latest EP, Vibes features an absolutely wicked 105 bpm track as the title, and on the DnB side fans were treated to ‘’Be Afraid," a wonky, bouncy, filthy, groovy masterpiece that could only be Teddy Killerz. These guys never disappoint and this is another wicked release from the Russian trio! 

14. Bru–C & Simula – ‘’You & I’’ (Believe) 

Undeniably one of the catchiest tunes to come out this month, this tune stands out for it’s simple, memorable basslines and clean production paving the way for esteemed bassline MC Bru-C’s captivating bars. This collaboration is definitely one summer’s greatest guilty pleasures! 

15. DJ Phantasy x Doktor – ‘’Junglist’’ (Viper) 

Another incredibly catchy release from this month is a collaboration between DJ Phantasy (of SASASAS) and the legendary Doktor. ‘’Junglist’’ delivers a fresh, tech-laden take on jungle music with grime-centric vocals and a lyrics that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head after just one play. Set to be a favorite for DJs and fans alike, this one is the ultimate drum & bass celebration and a sure-fire summer classic. 

That’s it for this month, but be sure to check out The Best 15 Drum & Bass Tracks of May 2019 for more of our summertime favorites. 

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