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Four Tet Releases Whimsical, Soothing New Single 'Dreamer'

Four Tet drops his third tune of the year.
Four Tet Dreamer

Four Tet out of the blue today released a new song “Dreamer.” The new tune follows “Teenage Birdsong” and his Nelly Furtado-sampled track under the moniker KH, “Only Human.”

“Dreamer” has a very authentic feel to it for Four Tet. It isn’t as catchy as the flute on “Teenage Birdsong,” but remains a potent song for Four Tet. Whimsical keys move like water steadily dripping into a pond as soft and speedy drums drive the record. Fx flutter with a hint of birdsong in the distance.

In addition to the new song, he released his Warehouse Project lineup where he will play back to back with Skrillex and have others like Peggy Gou, Jon Hopkins, Mall Grab, Daphni and Avalon Emerson all DJ. 

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The song is available to stream on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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