Review: Floating Points Releases Sublime 'LesAlpx/Coorabell' EP

Floating Points delivers one of his best projects in years.
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Floating Points LesAlpx

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Floating Points, real name Sam Shepherd, has released his new EP LesAlpx/Coorabell.

It doesn’t feel too long ago that that Shepherd released his 2015 critically acclaimed album Elaenia, which helped propel him to a new cult status for many dance music fans. He followed that up with new singles each of the following three years and scored a short film in 2017. He put out a Late Night Tales compilation earlier this year, but now he has some original music for the world to enjoy.

We got a taste of the EP last month when Floating Points released the A-side of the EP “LesAlpx” – albeit the shorter version. Now with the project out, we get to hear the full 10-minute track as it was likely meant to be consumed.

The full version gives a more complete picture of Floating Points’ direction with the record. The elements are the same with suspenseful builds and eerie synths whirring over a haunting bassline. Now they are just stretched out with the full aura of Vangelis-like suspense and tension building out over 10 minutes. You can feel the song trying to bring you into it hypnotic clutches.

The B-Side, “Coorabell,” is a new one we haven’t heard yet. It feels more dancefloor friendly, with a purposeful and fast-moving bass line, while quirky fx and key-play scurries over the top.

The highlight will be “LesAlpx,” one of his best songs in years, but expect to hear “Coorabell” the next time he performs. 

The LesAlpx/Coorabell EP is available in digital and vinyl formats. Pick up your copy here

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