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With festival season in full swing and DJs eagerly swapping dubs all month long, there’s no denying July has been an especially good month for drum & bass. With new music from some of the biggest names in the game, like Sub Focus, Hybrid Minds, and ShockOne, a new album from Bensley, and some might collaborations from Dossa & Locuzzed feat. DJ Marky and Charli Brix feat. Data 3, there is something in this month’s chart for every head. Check out our selections below and let us know what you think should have made this month’s chart!

1. Bensley – “Hard Times” feat. Emer Dineen (RAM) 

Canadian prodigy Bensley released his highly anticipated Muskoka album this month, and amidst a vast array of bass music, one of our favorites is undoubtedly “Hard Times.” Fusing a certain nostalgic charm, elegant vocals, and a jazzy groove together with something otherworldly, the track is certainly one of the most interesting pieces of music we have heard in a long time, and a testament to the young producer’s unparalleled creativity and skill. The entire album is nothing short of incredible, and “Hard Times” embodies a lot of what we love about the producer! 

2. Aperio – “Days & Nights” feat. Maddy (SGN) 

There’s no denying Aperio has been making moves lately, the latest of which comes in the form of a new two-sided single on Shogun's sister imprint SGN. “Days & Nights” is the latest in a slew of liquid gold from the Leeds based producer, featuring the soothing vocals of Maddy alongside Aperio’s masterfully crafted melodies and charm. This track is nothing short of stunning! 

3. Sub Focus – “Solar System” (Virgin EMI) 

One of this month’s most highly anticipated releases, Sub Focus returned with not one but two anthems this month in the form of “Solar System” and “Siren.” This one has been a favorite this festival season and with good reason – a mesmerizing build-up paves the way for a vibrant and incredibly catchy drop that is simple yet stand-out enough to have the crowd chanting along time and time again. 

4. Hybrid Minds – “Higher Love” feat. Charlotte Haining (Hybrid Music)

One of liquid’s favorite duos, Hybrid Minds treated fans to a new single & accompanying music video this month, the feel-good “Higher Love”. Featuring industry favorite Charlotte Haining’s distinguished vocals, the track is gleaming addition to their roster of illustrious liquid tunes. 

5. Mizo – “Hellhound” (Neuropunk)

In stark contrast to the above, Mizo released some seriously standout neurofunk this month, our favorite being the aptly titled “Hellhound.” Gritty, dark, and twisted, the track, released on Teddy Killerz’ new Neuropunk imprint, certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. 

6. Dossa & Locuzzed – “Tha Bird” feat. DJ Marky (Viper) 

Delivering perfect mid-summer vibes and one of the coolest collaborations we’ve heard in a long time, Austrian duo Dossa & Locuzzed teamed up with the legendary DJ Marky this month for the funkified single “Tha Bird” on Viper Recordings. A retro opening highlights both artists’ love for funkier times, delivering nothing but groovy vibes from start to finish with just the right amount of Dossa & Locuzzed’s signature face-melting, body-popping basslines mixed in. 

7. ShockOne – “Til Dawn” (Monstercat)

ShockOne released a monster of a tune this month on Monstercat in the form of “Til Dawn”. Story-telling sci-fi vibes straight from the start, the track emits rebellious, futuristic vibes with a ton of energy. An adrenaline-fueled build up only scratches the surface of the drop, guaranteed to decimate dancefloors the world over for months to come. Heavy and energetic, this one is begging to be played deep in the rave! 

8. Grafix – “Acid Generation” (Hospital)

Grafix has been making some serious power moves since splitting from previous duo Fred V & Grafix, and perhaps his biggest release to date is this month’s “Acid Generation.” A tribute to the rave counterculture of the 80s and beyond, this fast-paced, high-energy track is part of his first solo EP in a decade, Refuge, and has us eager to hear more from Grafix. 

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9. Monty – “Hello” (1985 Music)

One of the most brilliant producers in recent years, Monty released his Hello EP this month on Alix Perez’s esteemed 1985 imprint. The title track creates an ominous ambiance with impeccable skill, delivering Monty’s signature twisted neurofunk sounds with a chaotic twist. Mastering an incredibly technical sound while still managing to create an organic groove is no easy feat, and a sure reason why Monty has been one of our favorite artists recently. 

10. Bou & Trigga – “Veteran” (Souped Up)

Another in a slew of massive releases for Bou, this track has been responsible for some of this season’s most grotesque bass faces. A rather calm intro keeps the listener on the edge of their seat, with Trigga’s iconic voice stealing the spotlight before one of the filthiest drops of 2019, if not all time. The ultimate DJ weapon, “Veteran” is sure to leave Bou a hot topic in the scene once more. 

11. Charli Brix – “Let It Breathe” feat. Data 3 (Flexout) 

Charli Brix's debut EP this month on Flexout was met with critical acclaim across the entire scene and with good reason. Our favorite off the four-track release is the illustrious “Let It Breathe” featuring unstoppable trio Data 3. Charli Brix’s luxurious vocals deliver poignant and heartfelt lyrics alongside emotive piano chords and the result is simply breathtaking. 

12. Maduk – “Colours” feat. Diamond Eyes (UKF)

Celebrating ten years of both Liquicity and UKF, Maduk teams up with Diamond Eyes for this seminal release. Diamond Eyes’ earnest vocals together with Maduk’s vivacious production delivers Pendulum-esque vibes with an effervescent twist, making “Colours” one seriously memorable tune. 

13. Boxplot – “Escape With the Clouds VIP” (Liquid Tones) 

Four years since the original, the incredibly talented Boxplot released a VIP of one of his all time fan favorites, “Escape with the Clouds” on the London based Liquid Tones label this month. Capturing the feel-good, liberating vibes of the original, Boxplot amps things up a notch for a seriously stunning result. If you’re not already familiar with the comforting sounds of Boxplot, this is as good a reason as any to get to know one of America’s finest! 

14. Fox Stevenson – “Bruises (Macky Gee Remix)” (Pilot) 

One of our favorite tracks of last year received two remixes this month; Curbi delivered a bass house rendition while Macky Gee added some jump-up flavor to the original. Keeping the vocals in tact from the original and adding his signature buoyancy to the drop, this relatively simple remix has already been a roaring success which comes as no surprise considering the names involved. While the original will always hold a special place in our heart, this remix is a lot of fun! 

15. InsideInfo – “Found It” (InsideInfo Music) 

A cheeky follow up to last year’s “Lost It”, InsideInfo delivers another mind-bending single on his newly founded imprint and, as is the case with all his releases, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Intricate textures and elaborate sound design create an immersive sound like no other – instantly recognizable as InsideInfo and yet still an evolution of his innate talent. 

That’s it for this month, but be sure to check out The Best 15 Drum & Bass Tracks of June 2019 for more of our summertime favorites. 

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