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The best kind of happiness most often comes in small doses and in small moments. Saying hello to a friendly stranger on your walk into work, petting your neighbors adorable pup, laughing and cheering with a movie theater full of people, soaking in the simple sunshine on toasty sand with close friends and cold beer, skipping rocks on the river and nailing an 8-skipper with your siblings, catching eyes with your sweetheart at a random moment and sharing a genuine unprovoked smooch, that perfect bite of a sandwich, that one part of the song when you realize it's love at first listen, staring up at a sky full of stars with a good buzz in awe of your existence, quoting your favorite movie at the perfect time, and sharing a good one off conversation with a passerby. It comes down to connection I think. Whether lasting or momentary, we all seek connection, kindness and love in our quest for happiness. 

These days we have to be disciplined in remembering that. Let us all remember that it is not about being right. It is not about winning. It is not about proving the other is wrong. Trust me, you'll live longer and feel much more fulfilled seeking these moments of connection instead of arguing over what politician or policy is the cure. This is not to say don't be outspoken, and active and even angry sometimes. Nobody should tell you how to feel. Just remember that there is a balance. Remember to breath and enjoy each other. Remember to take that perfect bite of a sandwich.

We can all do a better job, including yours truly. 

So throw on this mix, get your sunshine boogie chill dance on with your loves, neighbors and new friends. All we have is now so lets have some fun while we are here. 

1. Phantoms - "Say It" - Casablanca Records

"Say It" brings glowing, synthy goodness dripping with cool thanks to featured vocalist Anna Clendening. Check out their new EP Disconnect for more progressive chill house boppers!

2. Kygo and Whitney Houston - "Higher Love" - RCA Records

The song of the summer is here folks! You've probably already played it 100 times in a row. RIP Whitney. So glad she could be here this summer to lift our spirits and make us sing loud!

3. Elderbrook - "How Do You" - Parlophone Records

Best served with a mezcal marg and some magic hour light with your favorite people, Elderbrook's latest banger is sure to make your moment shine brighter. Check out his new track with Rudimental too!

4. Fred Falke feat. Zen Freeman - "Watch The Sun" - Club Sweat

French disco-house is one of the main ingredients for a good Chill House mix recipe. Lathered in SPF funk, and firing off synth lasers, this party boat from Captain Fred Falke is sailing off to the places of your daytime disco dreams. I have been oh so patiently waiting for his return so this is an absolute treat.

5. Tycho feat. Saint Sinner - "No Stress" - Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune

Tycho's new album Weather is absolutely phenomenal. I especially love this track with his PIC (partner in crime) vocalist Hannah Cottrell aka Saint Sinner who he features for much of the album. I'm very proud of him for taking the risk in changing up his signature sound with the added vocals and even more impressed that he released instrumental edit alternatives to all the songs and they still sound just as good. He is a master of his craft and I will never tire of the feeling I get listening to his music.

6. Kidnap - "Start Again" - Armada Music B.V.

We are really looking forward to Kidnap's forthcoming Grow album and this is a Top 3 track for me from this emerging producer who is really firing hits across the bow. It has very strong Morgan Page "The Longest Road" vibes and I LOVE that song. Really dig the tinkling bells solo midway through the track.

7. Poolside feat. Panama - "Can't Stop Your Lovin'" - Pacific Standard Records

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Signature Poolside sound featuring one of my favorite artists in the feel good game, Panama aka Jarrah McCleary. Can you get any more Aperol spritz-sippin, summer lovin' vibes than this? Catch Poolside opening for Kacey Musgraves on tour this summer. Odd pairing, but I dig it. LOVE YOU KACEY.

8. Channel Tres - "Sexy Back Timerlake (SG Lewis Remix)" - GODMODE

British glow up producer SG Lewis adds a neon hue to rapper/producer Channel Tres' hit single and this unlikely pair has created one of my favorite tracks of the summer. Be careful though. You will automatically start dancing to this song wherever you are. Make sure to stretch so you don't pull a hammy. 

9. Bag Raiders feat. Panama - "How Long" - Modular Recordings

Seductive and sultry, Bag Raiders newest pairing with Panama (two song features on this chart! Go Panama!) is the epitome of chill dance. The dastardly duo has been doing their thing for almost a decade and a new album is on the horizon.

10. JackLNDN - "Stronger"

The instrumentals and arrangements of this one will transport you to a mysterious foreign land. JackLNDN is a master composer and seems to constantly strive to bring new sounds to his music and our ears. This is the final single from the upcoming album Thoughts, out this Friday.

11. Tourist - "Bunny" - Monday Records

It is safe to say Tourist is feeling it in 2019. He's already released the strong album Everyday early in the year and is set to release his second wind this fall in Wild. I will say that this single is already my favorite track of his this year. I am hoping the two albums really play well off of each other but with a uniform.

12. Gerry Read - "It'll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix)" - PAMPA RECORDS

The man who wears many hats has been prolific as of late. It is obvious Mr. Koze's creative juices are flowing with original work and even funky fresh remixes like this cruise along tune. His tour schedule is also busy with a recent Outside Lands Music Festival showcase this past weekend. Check out our review (coming soon) for more on the set!

13. LEISURE - "Too Much Of A Good Thing" - Nettwerk Music

Get down with your bad self to disco-funk group LEISURE's new album Twister that will be sure to get your body parts movin' and twistin' within seconds of throwing it on. Excited to see their live show in the future.

14. Avoure - "Ray" - This Never Happened

On the rise melodic housemates Avoure have two new singles that will be added to your summer playlist upon first listen. Lane 8 might as well curate our summer playlists at this point. His label is on FIRE!

15. Hot Since 82 feat. Alex Mills - "Therapy" - Knee Deep In Sound

My favorite track off of one of my favorite albums of the summer so far. Everyone needs to see  Hot Since 82 as soon as humanly possible, including me! 

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