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Eric Prydz Brings Progressive Magic To 'Pryda 15 Vol. II'

The prog king is back with eight more tracks.
Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz is back with another load of music for his Pryda moniker. After releasing Pryda 15 Vol. 1 in June (on my birthday), he is back six weeks later with Pryda 15 Vol 2.

Expanding on Vol. 1, like he did with the Pryda 10 EP series, this one contains eight tracks, which will satisfy the hunger for fans that need those unreleased IDs. Every song but “Villa Mercedes” and “The Drive” is eight minutes or longer, so be prepared for these long, melodic and deep Pryda records that have made this moniker so popular.

Just as the days are long and the nights filled with eclectic electronic music at Sonár, Pryda does the same with a lengthy, soft and winding record that kicks off this hour of Pryda magic. “From Within” fits the title with the roaring sub-bass that rises from your chest and sounds massive on a big club or festival sound system. “The Riddle” is not too hard to figure out with the grinding bass heard in yesteryear Pryda productions.

“Humlan” has a strong Ibiza sunset or sunrise feel with the echoing chimes and wood blocks over a slowly building beat that crescendo around six minutes.

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The EP drives right through the second half with “Legacy” carrying on the melodic work of “Humlan” and “Villa Mercedes” as one of the most uptempo progressive records on the project. “The Hiidden” builds and builds without too much of a payoff, but that can be found with the occasional Pryda track.

“The Drive” or Café Mambo 2015 ID is a beautiful, swirling piece of electronic music with harp-like strings fluttering over a driving bassline.

For serious Pryda fans, this is a dream come true. Disparate IDs and unreleased records come together on an EP that while not seemingly purposefully put together to be one cohesive project, it still sounds that way. 

Stream the project below and pick up a copy here. Vol III coming soon.

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