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Watch: Take A Tour Of Deadmau5 Ambitious CUBE V3

Go inside the Cube and see how it was made and will perform live.

It is rare we get in depth views of two of the biggest and more advanced production in electronic music, but is what we got this week. After we got a look at Eric Prydz’s HOLOSPHERE, now tech journalist Sam Sheffer has been given a behind the scenes look at deadmau5’ CUBE V3.

In a rare interview, deadmau5 goes into the technical aspects of how the cube is different and how it was built. The cube has more panels and rotates, with more production behind him as well. He sits inside of it instead of on top.

He goes into the live visual work that will be made during sets and how it is transmitted between his team and the cube in real time.

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Watch below to see the challenges they had to overcome and why this should be the best cube ever. Find his tour dates on his website here

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