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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of August 2019

Summer comes to a close with new music from Grafix, Blaine Stranger, Monrroe, and more
Blaine Stranger press shot

Blaine Stranger

As summer finally draws to close and cooler weather waits around the corner, we look back at some of last month’s most memorable tracks before we start hunting for some proper winter warmers. With plenty of new liquid from the like of Dexcell, Terror, Grafix, and Blaine Stranger, as well as murkier releases from Volatile Cycle, ABIS and Zombie Cats, and Mark Dinimal, August has certainly given summer a fantastic send-off. Here are a few of our favorites!

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1. Blaine Stranger – “Losing Myself” (Viper) 

Australian producer Blaine Stranger made a triumphant return to Viper this month with the sultry single “Losing Myself.” A hypnotic build-up meets with bewitching vocals for an infectious result that has been captivating audiences the world over since its release. 

2. Dezza – “Apparition” (Monrroe Remix) (Colorize Enhanced Music) 

Liquid maestro Monrroe gives Dezza’s progressive house hit the DnB treatment with his remix of “Apparition.” Delivering all of the vibes, the track is elegant yet energetic with glimmering subtleties and an overall comforting ambience that we can’t get enough of. 

3. Grafix – “Refuge” feat. Ruth Royall (Hospital) 

Grafix has been on a roll lately; following last month’s “Acid Generation” single, the esteemed producer has since released his four track Refuge EP on Hospital. The title track is a soothing number with luxurious vocals courtesy of Ruth Royall and a poignant reminder of Grafix’s diverse talents (especially when compared to the chaos of “Acid Generation”) and mastery of a broad range of different sounds. 

4. Dexcell – “Landscape” (Integral) 

British trio Dexcell treated fans to this jazzy number this month, bursting with perfect end of summer vibes. A mesmerizing intro paints a picturesque sunset setting, gently building into a burst of warm, feel-good energy. Comforting and cheery, Dexcell have added yet another stunning tune to their ever-growing catalogue. 

5. UK Apache with Shy FX – “Original Nuttah” (Chase & Status Remix ft. Irah) (Cult.ure) 

25 years since the original, Chase & Status have given this classic jungle anthem the remix treatment, and people have been going nuts for it – with good reason. Arguably one of the most well known tracks of the genre, remixing such a classic is no easy feat, but Chase & Status have surely done it justice with their murky twist. 

6. Volatile Cycle – “Cheeky” (self-release) 

Volatile Cycle treated fans to a free download this month in the shape of “Cheeky,” a dark, cinematic masterpiece that has us falling head over heels for the duo all over again. Broody and enigmatic, the track’s shadowy energy gives it a certain depth and groove that is nothing short of hypnotizing. 

7. Camo & Krooked & Mefjus – “Kallisto” (Hospital) 

When these two names come together, you know the result is going to be sensational, and “Kallisto” certainly is. Vibrant, colorful, and full of life, the track is constantly evolving and full of surprises. Brilliant in every sense of the word, we can only hope to see even more collaborations from the fellow Austrians in the future. 

8. Terror – “Feels the Same” feat. Obi Franky (Soulvent) 

Released right at the end of the month, ex-Modestep member Terror released two brand new tracks on London imprint Soulvent Records, one of which is the illustrious “Feels the Same.” Radiant and lavish, the track exudes elegance and charm with every note, complementing by the stunning voice of Obi Franky. If this track is to be any indication, it’s safe to say we can expect big things from Terror in the future.

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9. 1991 – “Kings & Queens” (1991) 

1991 consistently stands out for his out-of-the-box productions spanning a wide array of influences and sounds, and his latest release is no exception. “Kings & Queens” delivers raw, visceral energy with a cinematic finesse right from the start. A primal groove underlies some of the quirkier production elements for a track that is distinctly 1991. 

10. Original Sin – “Real Junglist” feat. MC Felon (RAM) 

The old school sounds of the genre’s jungle origins have been making a comeback lately, reimagined in new ways for a fresh yet still nostalgic sound. A great example of this is Original Sin’s latest record “Real Junglist,” released on the legendary RAM Records. Lively percussion meets soaring melodies and an inimitable energy for one of our favorite tracks of the month. 

11. Toronto is Broken & Aktive – “Run Underwater” feat. MZKA (YANA) 

UK producer Toronto is Broken recently launched his own label, YANA Music, with their second ever release being the mighty collaboration between himself, Aktive, and MZKA. Utilizing Toronto is Broken’s story-telling approach to song-writing together with Aktive’s high-octane production and MZKA’s mesmerizing vocals, the result is something truly unforgettable. 

12. ABIS and Zombie Cats – “Blindside” (DIVIDID) 

 Quite the heinous collaboration, ABIS and Zombie Cats teamed up this month for their All4U! EP on the esteemed DIVIDID imprint. Technically brilliant and incredibly immersive, the track is both crisp and spectral with mind-blowing attention to detail. 

13. Murdock – “Dark Cloud” feat. Dynamite MC (Viper) 

Definitely one of the most energetic tracks to be released this month, Rampage head honcho Murdock teamed up with the iconic Dynamite MC for the mighty “Dark Cloud.” Capturing all of the energy of the genre from tiny underground clubs to massive festivals, this is some of the Belgian producer’s best work yet and will surely be a favorite for months to come. 

14. Mark Dinimal – “Manga” (Program) 

One of our favorite up-and-comers for a while, Mark Dinimal returned to RAM’s sister imprint Program this month with his Manga EP. Sharing a name with the album, lead single “Manga” stands out for its bellowing basslines and industrial energy; the track is dark and glitchy, yet never loses its groove throughout. 

15. Magenta – “Flowers” feat. Marek Pach (Cre8) 

An illustrious, bewitching opening sets the scene for this tune, with captivating melodies and a hypnotizing build-up that exudes buoyant, cheerful energy. A playful drop adds a sense of whimsy to the track; overall, the track is exuberant and animated and a whole lot of fun! 

That’s it for this month’s selections, but be sure to check out The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of July 2019 for more of our summer favorites! 

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