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Eric Prydz earlier this week announced he was bringing his groundbreaking production HOLO to New York. Now details of the gig have been shared.

He will play at the New York Expo Center on December 27 & 28 in the Bronx. These will be the only HOLO shows Prydz will do in the United States. Though he did say Tomorrowland would be the only time people see HOLO 6.0, so who knows.

The HOLO concept was born last year and stayed in the UK for several shows. EPIC 6.0: Holosphere was built for Tomorrowland and used weekend 1, before stage issues forced it to be canceled weekend 2. In 2014, Eric Prydz unveiled his hologram tech at Madison Square Garden for EPIC 3.0 and it was wild. Now the city will get two chances at the biggest HOLO yet.

Fans can sign up for a ticket pre-sale on his website here. Pre-sale codes go out Tuesday, September 10 at 9am. Pre-sale starts at 10am. 

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