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Magnetic Mix 048: Beshken

Beshken joins in for a mix of leftfield electronic music and talks new album 'Aisle Of Palm.'

LA-born, NYC based live electronic artist Beshken released his debut album Aisle of Palm earlier this summer. The record had an organic feel to it, bridging his introspective lyrics with an array of synths, hardware and field recordings. An accomplished DJ in his own right, Beshken has played the DJ circuit in New York. With the album now settled and a slew of dates tackled over the course of the summer, Beshken has come in for a Magnetic Mix that dives into some of his favorite leftfield electronic music.

In addition to the mix, we also have a brief chat with the producer about the new album, what he learned from the process and more. Pick up your copy of the album here. He also this past week released the remix album for Aisle of Palm with reworks by Falls, Yonsei and more.

1. How and where can we hear your hypnopompic hallucinations in Aisle Of Palm?

Often when I’ve experienced these kinds of auditory hallucinations they sound like drone or ambient sounds, always occurring right before I wake up. When I eventually realize that these sounds aren’t “real,” I’m pulled back into reality and my eyes open. It’s difficult to remember, let alone capture what I sometimes hear during these liminal sleep states, so the music I make contains interpretations of these moments. In a lot of my songs, I focus on creating tension by allowing atmospheric sections to quickly shift into heavily rhythmic breakdowns. This sudden musical shift creates a similar feeling to waking up during an auditory hallucination.

2. Why did you pick these songs for the mix?

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When I DJ I tend to veer away from playing my own music because a lot of my songs have lyrics and aren’t really made for a club setting. That’s why I like to play tracks that parallel my original music and fit within the same world, but aren’t necessarily what I would make myself. I love the way in which techno, house, jungle, and experimental styles have been combining in the past few years, and I think we’re living in a time where these once defined genre tags are being muddied. I wanted to make a mix that was very much of the now, loose in genre but consistent in emotion and energy.

3. How differently does your live show sound from your DJ sets?

My live show consists entirely of my original music. I sing, play guitar and synths, and have a band member on stage playing a Minilogue and a Juno-Gi. Everything is run through Ableton and I’m often creating live remixes on the fly. During DJ sets I rarely spin my own music, and that gives me the freedom to play what I want and to explore different styles. I tend to plan out my live sets almost to the tee, whereas my DJ sets are often spontaneous.

4. Now two months out from the album release, did the process of making and releasing an album surprise you in any way? What can you take to album 2?

I wrote the majority of Aisle of Palm within the span of four months, and I was surprised about how quickly I was able to write the record and how long it took to release it … smh. I collaborated with a few visual artists on this record and I think it’s always worth taking the time to create a unique world around your music. Let’s just say there were a lot of revisions, but I think that’s a good thing. Doing something the right way takes a lot of time and mental energy. I’ve been working on album 2 for the past year and I’m enjoying spending a much longer time on a body of work, especially because its direction is always morphing unexpectedly. I’ve given myself the space to experiment with new styles and with how a contemporary album should be structured. I will say that album 2 is of course, much better.

Magnetic Mix 048 Tracklist: 

Anthony Naples - Lucy’s
Florian Kupfer - 4 Ever
John Tejada - Sucre feat. Qzen
Desert Sound Colony - Taking It Out For A Rip
Gosub - Folding Time
Shigeto - Fight Club
Nick Leon - Pelican Dub
Oli XL - Orchid Itch
Plants Army Revolver - Yguana
Transllusion - Dimensional Glide
Mount Kimbie - Blue Train Lines (Nina Kravitz Main Mix)
SFV Acid - Sip It
Kedr Livanskiy - Bounce 2
Unknown - Ridin
LSDXOXO - Fentanyl
LSDXOXO - Floorgasm
Unknown - Jibbit
Jun Chiki Chikuma - Oropharynx

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