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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of September 2019

This month features new music from Pola & Bryson, Logistics, Alix Perez, and more

As we ease into the colder months, this month’s selection is all about the feel-good vibes. With EPs from Logistics, Pola & Bryson, Alix Perez, and Boxplot this month, plus singles from upcoming albums from Fox Stevenson and Dossa & Locuzzed, and even a cheeky remix from High Contrast for Two Door Cinema Club, there was certainly no shortage of exciting releases this month. Keep reading to see our Top 15, and be sure to let us know what tracks you think should have made the cut.

1. Grey Code & SubMarine – “Flamingo Club” (MethLab)  

Grey Code and Submarine teamed up for this cool 80s number this month, with accompanying 8-bit music video. An uncharacteristically vibrant release for the label, this colorful, cinematic release boasts an adventurous atmosphere and clean production, telling an immersive story together with the video – this one is a lot of fun!

2. Fox Stevenson – “Dreamland” (AntiFragile) 

As we eagerly await the release of Fox Stevenson’s Killjoy LP, the release of his latest DnB single “Dreamland” is definitely enough to tide us over. Colorful production and earnest lyrics pair together for one of his catchiest tracks to date, keeping excitement high for the rest of the album. 

3. Pola & Bryson – “Running in the Dark” feat. Ruth Royall (Shogun) 

One of the scene’s favorite liquid duos of recent times, Pola & Bryson released their Pacific EP on Shogun this month, including this incredibly stunning number “Running in the Dark.” Elegant, luxurious, and mesmerizing beyond compare, this easy-listener features the lavish vocal talents of Ruth Royall for that extra dazzling touch. 

4. Dossa & Locuzzed – “Blinded” feat. Patch Edison (Viper) 

The dons of funk Dossa & Locuzzed are also gearing up to release their debut album on Viper, releasing a slew of singles leading up to its full release. Their latest offering, “Blinded,” is a sultry, smooth, enticing tune featuring the captivating vocals of fellow Austrian Patch Edison. Bright and lively, we can’t wait to hear the rest of their album, due for release before the end of 2019. 

5. Bert H & Becca Jane Grey – “Foreign” (Skank&Bass) 

Respected tastemakers Skank&Bass recently announced the launch of their own record label, focusing on a series of free downloads to help up-and-comers receive the recognition they deserve. This month saw the release of this illustrious number from Bert H, who has become known amongst fans of liquid for his stunning productions, teaming up now with esteemed vocalist Becca Jane Grey for this sleek and sophisticated release. 

6. Matrix & Futurebound – “Hindsight” (Millbrook Remix) (Metro-Viper) 

Matrix & Futurebound have been celebrating the success of their recent Mystery Machine album with a series of remixes, our favorite to date coming from newcomer Millbrook. While the introduction maintains a lot of the original elements, what makes this track stand out as a favourite is the drop – Millbrook delivers his developing signature sound comprised of organic, funky, incredibly deep basslines that contain an inimitable groove and have put him on the map as one to watch this year. We can’t get enough of Millbrook! 

7. Boxplot & Ownglow – “Polaroids of You” (Liquicity)

Two of the most talented younger generation of producers pushing drum & bass stateside, Boxplot and Ownglow team up on this one as part of Boxplot’s recent Alice EP on Liquicity. Even more brilliant than you’d expect from these two, the track full of feel-good, uplifting vibes and radiates both energy and elegance simultaneously. 

8. Two Door Cinema Club – “So Many People” (High Contrast Remix) (Prolifica) 

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We’re always partial to a good remix, and especially when it’s of a track outside of the normal scope of drum & bass. High Contrast was selected to remix one of Two Door Cinema Club’s recent releases, and who better to represent drum & bass to such a wide market. Adding plenty of funk and just the right amount of bass to the original, High Contrast kept this one accessible to the masses while still adding a murky twist. 

9. Ed:It & Technimatic – “Slate Grey” (Shogun) 

Ed:It teams up with Technimatic as part of his Silhouette EP on Shogun for this roaring roller. An elegant intro slowly builds into something much murkier, delivering crisp, clean production and a shadowy, visceral groove throughout.

10. DLR – “The Same Step” (Sofa Sounds)

Released on his own Bristol based imprint, DLR released two new tracks this month, with “The Same Step” being one of them. A bouncy, wubby, relatively minimal track, there’s a certain elasticity to the track that makes it undeniably groovy, and there’s enough unpredictable interjections throughout to keep it interesting the whole way through. 

11. Alix Perez – “Phantonym” (1985) 

The unstoppable Alix Perez released a new four track EP this month on his own imprint 1985. Sharing a name with the EP, “Phantonym” is face-melting, bass-heavy drum & bass and its finest. Warped, dark, and twisted, this menacing number highlights not just Alix Perez’s impeccable skills as a producer, but his incredible versatility as well. 

12. Logistics – “Rhythm Track” (Hospital) 

Released as part of his Waveforms EP this month on Hospital, “Rhythm Track” is a jazzy number from the mastermind known as Logistics. A gentle opening eases the listener in with a delicate, glimmering soundscape comprised of faint horns and a calming melody before switching it up with a resounding drop. Doing what he does best, Logistics delivers feel good vibes with an underground edge. 

13. Murdock, Submatik & Jenna G - Good Luv (T & Sugah Remix) (Liquicity) 

Part of Liquicity’s Reflections series, T & Sugah remixed one of Murdock’s most well-loved releases with Submatik and Jenna G and the result is incredible! Bright, bubbly, and buoyant, T & Sugah’s playful take on the track is full of musical sparkles and vibrancy. 

14. DC Breaks & Loadstar – “Opposition” (RAM)

DC Breaks and Loadstar have teamed up for a new production project, “Opposition.” Their debut single of the same name has been tearing up dancefloors for some time now, so you can bet we were incredibly excited to finally get our hands on this one. Insanely loud and chaotic, this face melting track is guaranteed to have gun fingers blazing the world over. 

15. Tali, RoyGreen & Protone – “Paper Wasp” (Lenzman Remix) (Fokuz)

Lenzman is a name that can do no wrong, and his recent remix for Tali, Roy Green, Protone, and DRS is no exception. Maintaining DRS’s standout verses from the original, Lenzman’s remix is elegant, relaxing, and stylish. 

That’s all for September’s selection, but be sure to check out The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of August 2019 for more of our end of summer favourites. 

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