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Album Review: Jacques Greene Bridges Ambient Eurphoria & The Club On 'Dawn Chorus'

'Dawn Chorus' is Jacques Greene's best album yet.
Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene has released his new album Dawn Chorus. Over the past decade, Greene has proved to be one of the more reliable names in electronic music. First putting out singles, EPs and remixes and then evolving into albums with 2017 Feel Infinite and now Dawn Chorus, his music has only gotten better over the past decade.

Dawn Chorus starts with the familiar duality in his music with club-centric breakbeats underneath spacey synths. He describes his music as “about the club rather than for the club,” but this album finds itself in a milieu that works in the club or in a more traditional concert hall (where he will spend a lot of time on his upcoming live fall tour).

Greene rarely gives in to the desire for a housey four-on-the-floor beat like on “Real Time” from Feel Infinite. The beats all seem to evolve and develop into themselves with subtle rolling synths, percussion and sturdy breakbeats.

The album finds a way to mesh melody and drums in a way most other electronic albums don’t. They feel connected that brings a cohesion to song structures and the entire album. Even with some of the more eclectic tracks like the swinging and even a bit funky “For Love,” the album feels like one total piece. While individual tracks sound good on their own, they are best heard with the entire project.

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Dawn Chorus is similar to a lot of pop music these days where it feels moody and at times euphoric in the same song or even the same part of the song. “Night Service” Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon provides a moody outlook on the club, framing it as a sanctum of spirituality.

The album is fun and euphoric, tapping into beats that vibe on a dancefloor at home, while creating a complete listening album. It brings together spacey and dreamy synth melodies with a variety of beats, while meshing the whole ensemble into one well-created work. It eventually ends on the drawn out ambient track “Stars” that feels like one final exhale on this musical journey.

Jacques Greene has been making music over the past decade and with each successive release he has only gotten better. He caps off this decade with his best work to date. We only hope that tradition continues into the 2020s and there is no reason to think otherwise. 

Get yourself a copy on his website and listen below via LuckyMe.

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