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Moon Boots and Little Boots, LUXXURY, Pontchartrain and many other artists lit up dancefloors around the world in 2019. We have been blessed with a wealth of music that will keep you dancing well into the new year. With this much talent in the industry, I can only be excited for what is to come in 2020! Let's get our boogie shoes on and dive into what made 2019 great! 

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1. January: Damocracy - Something Special 

There is "Something Special" about this track and it's because it's a true disco burner! I don't know what is in the water in Australia, but the disco coming from down under is just some of the best in the world right now. The vocal on this song is plain sexy and the strings are pure classic disco.

2. February: Pontchartrain - No Romance

Pontchartrain is no stranger to this chart or our hearts and for good reason! He is a machine when it comes to great disco. "No Romance" has a very nice funk element that amps up the boogie factor and you will want "No romance, just want to dance" as the lyric says! Oh, and those horns at 2:10 will get you to the next level you are looking for. Magic.

3. March: Mélonade - Take It To The Top (Discoholic Remix)

Discoholic has added a glossy sheen to an already excellent future disco track. This remix removes the "future" aspect of this song and adds some dreamy waves and cool breezes. The breathy vocals whispering "Take It To The Top" is the icing on this cake. I want to live in this song. 

4. April: Escort - Ride feat. Brian Jackson

Who doesn't love jazz flute!? Ron Burgundy and I give "Ride" our stamp of approval for the simple inclusion of an instrument we just don't hear enough of these days! Escort also adds that flair without making the track sound dated or corny. Escort are the masters of the modern disco genre, and it's wonderful to have them back on the scene.

5. May: Tuxedo - The Tuxedo Way

School is in session! Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One are back to teach us about "The Tuxedo Way," and I will toast to that! This track is an invitation to a land where the funk flows freely and every day is a party in under 3:12! Don't forget to check out the complete lyrics are on their SoundCloud post. 

6. June: Madonna - God Control (Disco Heaven Club Mix)

Madonna, take us to church! "God Control" may have you swirling under the disco lights, but the gun control message is a strong one. This remix trims the opening of the original song to get us dancing right away. This is the most dancefloor-friendly track from Madame X, and it's a welcome addition to an otherwise Latin influenced album. Take a listen to "I Don't Search I Find," which has a very strong "Vogue" vibe. The LP went number one in 60 countries, so never count Madonna out. 

7. June: Natasha Kitty Katt - She's Cruel

Another favorite DJ on the club circuit, Natasha Kitty Katt doesn't mess around when bringing the heat with "She's Cruel." One part groove and nine parts sass, the vocal purrs about the cruelty of our subject. Epic strings, congas, & synths wrap their arms around that vocal and challenge you to stay off the dancefloor. 

8. July: Dr Packer & Mark Lower - Moods Of Music

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"Moods of Music" feels like a summer breeze coming across the ocean, clean and crisp. Dr Packer never disappoints, and joining forces with Mark Lower is a winning combination! Jangly guitar riffs, plenty of claps and a driving bass line make for a real winner.

9. August: Funk LeBlanc - Real Love feat. Holland Greco (Televisor Remix)

That bass tho! "Real Love" has gotten the royal treatment with this remix by Televisor. Holland Greco's vocals are sweet like honey, and the groove in this song is just as smooth. Wait for it at 3:27 -- there is a killer sax breakdown that brings this jam to the finish line. Funk LeBlanc and Televisor are having a true bromance right now and we thank them for this little baby.

10. September: Moon Boots - You Won’t See Me Cry feat. Little Boots

And just when I thought I couldn't get any happier, Pete Doughtery aka Moon Boots returns with his amazing LP Bimini Road, with an always welcome Little Boots! "You Won't See Me Cry" could have easily been a Moroder/Summer collaboration. Victoria Hekseth's vocal delivery again shows that you can make unhappy subject matter sound fun and dancey. These "Boots" are another dream team I didn't even know I needed!

11. September: Yuksek - The Rollercoaster

Yuksek is one of the most in-demand DJs on the scene right now, so to get a new track that is this hot is an absolute thrill! "The Rollercoaster" has the perfect slow build to the 1:34 mark where the ride really begins! Congas and strings guide the way and the track plays just like a roller coaster ride, it slows down just long enough to peak your anticipation, then off it goes again to a very satisfying finish. 

12. October: Final DJs - Feel The Heat

"I want to see you dance" is the opening lyric to this lovely little jam and you will do just that! Sebastian Stuetz aka Final DJs brings the heat with smooth keys and a fun altered vocal, giving just a hint of Chromeo. This is a track that will make you long for sunnier days or inspire you to go to a place in the world where the beach beckons you.

13. November: LUXXURY - Turn Off All The Lights

It took six years, but LUXXURY has finally given us a full-length LP called It's Not Funny. "Turn Off All The Lights" is the new single and is the perfect cherry on top of the singles we have come to know and love over the past few years. Cosmic, swirling, funky disco is what we've come to expect from LUXXURY and boy does this track deliver!

14. December: George Kelly feat. Andre Espeut - Feeling For Your Magic

Andre Espeut has a voice made for disco! The partnership between Espeut and George Kelly is a dream. "Feeling For Your Magic" is soulful and funky and impossible not to dance too. The space vibe synths give it a retro feel while maintaining a completely modern sound. I am more than happy to wrap up the year dancing to this one!

15. December: Loshmi - Spring Break

If ever there was a time to long for spring break, that time is when we are buried in snow! "Spring Break" has a lovely 80's vibe with the synths, and lip-biting jammy bass riffs. Taken from Loshmi's Serious Edits Vol. 15 EP, any one of the tracks could have been included in the chart! A little jazz flute rounds out this track, which is also the perfect way to wrap up 2019.

Don't forget to turn up the SoundCloud playlist at your holiday parties!

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