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Album Review: Boris Brejcha - Space Diver

Masked German producer and DJ releases his fifth album 'Space Diver.'
Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha has released his new album Space Diver. The masked German producer and DJ has come a long way from his beginnings in the mid 2000’s. His music has evolved from quirky and glitchy minimal to a more upbeat blend of house, techno and trance, likely reflecting the size of his audiences at shows. Now on his ninth album, Space Diver distills what has been a remarkable run for him over the past several years.

This album isn’t paving new roads, but it does provide a useful addition to his cannon and the electronic music landscape. It remains grounded in four-on-the-floor house rhythms, but flirts with various other genres to keep the listener engaged. Whether that is distorted, Justice-like synth work on “To The Moon And Back,” soothing ambient melodies on “Blue Lake,” chugging house music on "Lieblingsmensch” and heavy trance influences for “Never Look Back,” there is a bit of everything here.

Listen to our In Conversation Interview with Boris.

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The album seeks to largely bridge the gap between house and trance, using trance-like melodies to add character and emotion to each of the records. Some of them are strictly for the dancefloor like the squelching acid number “Take It Smart.” However, the bulk of the record straddles around progressive house with chugging rhythms and soaring melodies.

The record clocks in at 12 tracks and over and hour and a half. Despite being rather long, it still feels pretty cohesive. It flows together well, though some of the tracks could be shortened a bit. Brejcha brings the dancefloor to his album and will bring Space Diver to the dancefloor. It isn’t rewriting the playbook for dance music, but serves as a worthy addition to the current zeitgeist. 

Get your copy of Space Diver here and stream it below via Ultra Records.

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