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Fyre Festival's Andy King Face Of Evian Water Campaign: "So Good You'd Do Anything For It"

Andy King is finally getting some cash for that infamous Fyre Fest documentary line.
Andy King Netflix Fyre

Fyre Festival is the story that keeps on giving, even in tangential ways. In the Netflix documentary, an event planner for the festival, Andy King, became an internet meme sensation when he revealed to get water past customs and to the festival, he was ready (at the behest of convicted fraudster Bill McFarland) to go suck a guy’s dick. This didn’t happen, but the comment caught on like wildfire. Now he is profiting from that moment with a new partnership with Evian, a bottled water company.

Revealed over the weekend, he shared an Instagram post for a special bottle of Evian that is “so good you’d do anything for it,” referencing his line in the documentary.

“Who’s thirsty!? On the one year anniversary of my doc debut, @evianwater is releasing a special bottle with a new slogan… all in honor of my infamous team spirit,” he writes.

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There was a contest for 10 bottles, but hopefully these get sold to the wider public and maybe some of the proceeds go to a good cause. 

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