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George FitzGerald, Lil Silva Release Debut OTHERLiiNE EP

George FitzGerald and Lil Silva share their seven-track debut project together.
OTHERLiiNE George Fitzgerald and Lil Silva

Lil Silva & George FitzGerald

George FitzGerald and Lil Silva have released their debut project as OTHERLiiNE. The originally launched the project in August 2019 and then announced officially they were putting out an EP shortly thereafter.

The new project follows with what we heard in the initial singles. It isn’t exactly one artist or the other splitting a song or taking turns creatively. They manage to mesh what they do together and create something a little different from what we have heard from them individually in the past.

“It’s not 50 per cent me, 50 per cent Lil Silva – it’s this third thing,” explains Lil Silva. “Together we’re something else, something more, it’s become another entity.”

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The bulk of the records feature the sort of instrumentals that toe the line between ambient electronica, house and a touch of soul. The drums add some groove and energy underneath fluttering synths and Lil Silva’s haunting voice.

However, “Where We Get To” contrasts beautiful, trembling piano with churning bass, and rolling, grinding synths to turn up the tempo a little.

At seven songs, the two interludes would normally feel a bit excessive, but they work within the context of the record. They aren’t placeholders, but rather give the project a brief respite of soft synths and Lil Silva’s chants and delicate cooing.

You can get your copy of the EP here and stream it below.

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