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Back in May 2019 Ghost Dance released a four-track EP The Mind Can Be Solved on Deadmau5's imprint Mau5trap, which we reviewed. The Parisian's music seemed to impress Mau5trap since they booked him for their label party in London shortly after. In addition, they released two tracks from him -- one on the Mau5trap x Insomniac compilation and one on We Are Friends Vol 9. Ghost Dance is a versatile producer with several signings under his belt already including Maehtrasher, Police Records & more. On the gig side he's also quite busy, playing gigs in Italy, England and some high levels festivals in his home country of France.

Ghost Dance is back on Mau5trap with his second EP for the label - the three-track Erased EP.

The first track, "Erased" is what's become a classic sound from Ghost Dance. It starts off with a nice groove, some psychedelic stabs & synths and a dark, ravey vocal. The track is progressive with some nice filters, FX and new layers of synths added all along the song. Shortly before the drop a mystical vocal says "You cannot erase me" and then boom you can already see the crowd jumping all over the warehouse!

"Own Limit" is still exploring dark territories but with more acid sounds and a warm bassline coming from underneath. The drop will surprise you, going almost another route, that one track is a techno jam, making you want to shake your head, nice work.

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"Raving" is slightly slower bpm wise, featuring a heavy bass and when the drop comes, the acid synths are clearly what all ravers want.

Get the Erased EP from your favorite spot here.

We enjoyed Ghost Dance first EP on Mau5trap and his 2nd EP doesn't disappoint. This 3 track package might be his best work so far. If you like rave music these beats will surely make your day.

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