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Porter Robinson Shares First Song From New Album 'nurture' With "Get Your Wish"

Porter has given us the first taste of his new album 'nurture.'
Porter Robinson Second SKy Festival

Porter Robinson has released his first new original, solo track as Porter since 2014’s Worlds. The new track “Get Your Wish.” It is the first song from his upcoming album nurture, which was announced yesterday and got EDM Twitter all in their feelings.

“Get Your Wish” was previewed yesterday and is now available to hear in full after a YouTube premiere.

According to Robinson, this song is about “finding a reason to keep moving forward, even if it’s not for you.” The song sounds like he has moved forward, with a more organic feel to the drums. The synths offer a little different sound from Porter, but the euphoric hooks remain a constant for him. 

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The imagery is clear. He felt like he was drowning and unable to escape the clutches of an ocean of depression and the inability to write new music. He eventually makes it out of that water hole with fireworks going off in the background. He got his wish, but it is a different avenue then he anticipated. But in the end he is happy to have arrived there.

The video was helped by Samuel Burgess Johnson, who is the creative director for The 1975, so that is why there is some similarities in their visuals and this. Chris Muir directed the video.

In a note posted online, he explains a period from 2015 to early 2017 where he really struggled to make music and thus his own well being suffered immensely. “I was very seriously depressed and genuinely thought my life as I knew it was over.” He continues, “I felt like I had no options – because while the prospect of struggling indefinitely was terrifying, the thought of quitting music was much worse.”

Eventually he finds the solution to a way out of his depression and creative roadblock. “I realized I shouldn’t write music with the expectation that productivity or achievement will fix my problems, but instead with the hope that my honest expression will people the way music moves me.” In the end “Get Your Wish” is about that breakthrough and how making music started to make him happy again.

The voice on this song is Robinson’s who has grown attached the effects he uses for his vocals.

Nurture will be released sometime in 2020. Further details on the album are not available and anybody who thinks they know collaborations is purely speculating. The future of Virtual Self also remains unknown, as this could be a shift all the way back to Porter Robinson.

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