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Premiere: Kyle Watson & Grandma - Break The Fall

Kyle Watson delivers something a little different with "Break The Fall."
Kyle Watson

When we premiere a new Kyle Watson track, you know it is going to be good. We last premiered “Landmine” and that song blew up like its namesake. Now we link back up with the South African DJ and producer on his new single “Break The Fall” with Atlanta based rapper, producer and singer Grandma.

“Break The Fall” is a little more subdued than “Landmine” and some of his recent releases, but it still packs quite the punch. The grumbling and funky bass leads the track with a playful flute and echoing synths floating on top, while Grandma’s vocals adds some crossover appeal the track without being an obvious hack at the radio.

"I'm super excited to finally see this record come out! Every now and then I like to break away from just writing club records to work on something that has more crossover appeal, and ‘Break The Fall’ really is probably my favorite one of those tracks to date,” explains Kyle Watson.

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“Break The Fall” will be released tomorrow, February 27 via Parametric Records. Listen to this belter below.

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