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While I was picking these tracks out, I had no idea what was to come with regard to our current social situation. With parties cancelled and tours postponed, let’s all do our part and embrace the music we discover. Buy the albums, and tell your friends about the artists and music you find. 

Even if you can't get out to your local indie dance bar this month, you can still have a virtual indie dance party with your friends. That's why Indie Discotheque is here. We love listening to music with friends, it's what we've always done, and it's why we bring music to you monthly. Our collective curates these lists though a non-stop virtual basement party, and it's relevant now more than ever. While we’re all in quarantine, you’re more than welcome to join us and play all of the indie dance requests you love while you're at the club.

Let's dive into this month's indie and alternative dance discoveries. We hope you'll enjoy and support these artists as much as we do.

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1. Whethan - All In My Head feat. Grandson

The latest from Whethan features vocals from Grandson in this gritty track with thriving guitars and a thrashing vibe. This is one of those songs that will make you want to throw goats on the dance floor. I absolutely love what “All In My Head” offers. It's a track that deserves every minute of alternative dancefloor airplay it can get.

2. RAC - Never Let You Go feat. Hilary Duff & Matthew Koma

When you least expect it, RAC surprises with another amazing collaboration featuring the husband/wife duo of Matthew Koma (a prior collaborator with RAC) and Hilary Duff, who needs no introduction. Believe me, this cover is better than the original, and in its own way could be mistaken for a RAC original with the uniqueness of the arrangement.

3. Luvrs - Wanna Know

Luvrs are strong out of the gate this month with their track “Wanna Know,” and honestly all I wanna know is how they crafted such an amazingly catchy indie dance song. This is one of those tracks where you hear the bass and the vocal and you instantly want to be out on the dance floor.

4. Coin - Valentine

The title is appropriate for February, but since we’re looking beyond sending a “Valentine” at this point, we’ll just appreciate the tempo and pacing of this fantastic song from Coin. I love the passionate stance of the vocals, and the crisp clarity in the percussion. This is a well balanced arrangement with just the right textures taken from their new album Dreamland.

5. Circa Waves - Sad Happy

If there’s a track that fits the indie dance genre to a tee this month, it's “Sad Happy” from Circa Waves. This song has just the right balance of upbeat textures contrasting with the trademark moodiness of the genre. Abstractly, like a clown. The pacing is great, with a good balance in the rise and fall of musical intensity.

6. Loose Fit - Pull the Lever

The bass guitar in this jam from Loose Fit is an immediate seller, and the vocal attitude and swagger that is laid thick across this song is simply stellar. This is the kind of track that tells you it's serious business, and it’s time to dance. Dive deep into how thick this track is and let yourself be immersed.

7. Great News - Greedy Little Thing

A totally upbeat indie dance track from Great News with a less than upbeat topic. This is the music we are looking for. It even has just a tinge of reminiscent Billy Idol feel in a way I am unable to pinpoint, but I love that I’m feeling it.

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8. Royal Cinema - Cha-ching

Slower paces with more mystery than is typical, I love the minimalism and the surround sound going on in my head while I’m enveloped in this piece. The “Cha-ching” sound effects are the greatest and only add to the song. Royal Cinema has created a modern piece with an attitude that deserves accolades.

9. Capital Soiree - Dancing Off My Sins

When you need to get out and dance, I like to think you’re doing one of two things: you’re dancing to sin, or you’re dancing off your sins. I connect with this song and I think it speaks to the reason and purpose we feel when we go out to the indie dance bar to let loose and make ourselves balanced again.

10. Fabianossa - 4 a.m.

I’ve got to hand it to Kitsune for getting two tracks on the list this month (Royal Cinema, too). Always great curators in their own right, this piece from Fabinossa has that classic mid-00s dance rock feel that I’m always in the mood for. For fans of The Strokes and similar bands of the era.

11. Cailin Russo - You Touch Me, I Touch You Back

I love the twinkling synth textures in the introduction of this song, and the way the piece slams into a bass rhythm and the vocal. There’s a dark feel and a whole lot of attitude, and it's fantastic to listen to. This is definitely one of those midnight jams that will get you moving.

12. Needshes - Love

There is something about the rhythm guitar in this one, I’m totally drawn to it. Needshes has been putting out some great tunes lately, and this one is no exception. It has fantastic distortion on the vocal, just enough grit to give everything en edge but still clear enough to sing along to.

13. Colour Tongues - Control

I really love the guitar work in this track from Color Tongues. The tempo is really fast paced - almost too fast, I’d like it down a few BPM’s, but it has the mood and feel of a lot of Two Door Cinema Club tracks, which says a lot about the trajectory I hope this band will take.

14. Jackie - Unspun

If there’s an alternative dance song you need to hear this month, it's this one from Jackie. It has that 90s grit ala Smashing Pumpkins that you crave, with a tinge of modern flair. The balancing of the layers in this track are great, and I am in love with Jackie’s vocal performance on this one. Eat your heart out.

15. Eckhardt and the House - What Did My Arms

This is not the first time I’ve featured Eckhardt and the House, and hopefully not the last. The bass guitar rhythms going on in this one are totally grooving, and the atmospheric effects applied to the vocals are what make the track shine. This track has more of a synthetic aesthetic to it which is a fun change of pace.

Let's listen to it all together:

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