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Review: IK Multimedia iRig Stream

An essential tool for your mobile streaming needs

With the world still on lockdown, streaming has become the biggest thing on the market right now. If you're looking to get into yourself, trying to decide or figure out what hardware or software to use is almost overwhelming. Fortunately, masters of simplicity IK Multimedia have the perfect solution for anyone looking to get involved. Part of their iRig series, their plug and play Stream unit has everything you need to record top-quality audio with minimal requirements. In this review, we'll be taking a look at its key features, as well as my experience with the unit itself. 

What Is It?

The iRig Stream is a portable audio conversion box that allows you to record high-quality audio directly into your phone or computer, by simply connecting an audio source to the unit and pressing play. The iRig Stream is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet packed with features that allow you to make great content with little hassle. 


Key Features

There are plenty of features that separate the iRig Stream from other competitors on the market, with the number one thing being that, although it's called the Stream, it doesn't actually require you to stream to record audio directly into your phone or computer. This is great for producers. An example of this would be plugging your unit into either your DJ mixer or audio interface and being able to take a 4k video of you either performing a DJ set or a studio jam and then uploading it later. Other features include direct mic input and headphone monitoring, a loopback function, and the option to record in either stereo or mono. The iRig Stream includes lightning, USB A, and USB C cables. Charging while in use is also a possibility thanks to the DC in. 


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My Experience

Before we go any further, I'm going to let you know right now that I've not used this for streaming, as I've not done any streaming. Yet. That being said, I have used the iRig Stream extensively for studio jams. Gone are the days of Instagram and Facebook uploaded video with subpar audio quality! With every new IK Multimedia product, I'm constantly amazed and shocked at how lightweight their products are. If you're going to be recording on the go, the lighter the better. Seeing as we are in lockdown, my traveling has been minimal, but when it's dangling from the stand I have my phone on, it doesn't pull the cable out of my phone. Setup is literally plugging into your phone and your audio source, setting the level, and pressing record on your video. This is one thing that I was disappointed with using the EvermixBox4. It's a great tool but falls short in not being able to record audio and video without streaming. Overall, the iRig Stream is a brilliant product that does exactly what it's supposed to and does it well.


Final Thoughts

I feel like there was life before the iRig Stream and life after it. I love taking videos in the studio, and now that I'm able to record audio directly out of my interface and not have to sync things up later alone makes this a winner. That in combination with the various inputs and lightweight build make this an essential tool for producers and DJs. Yeah, I gave it the essential title. The only downside is that they are priced so well that they are basically sold out everywhere right now. 



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