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Interview: Sara Landry Takes Techno Livestream Production To The Next Level With Austin Inside

If you love banging techno and top-notch production, do *not* miss this weekend's livestream!
Sara Landry

Sara Landry

Yes. Yes we know that you've probably already seen countless live streams, and you're probably hungry for something fresh. Something exciting. Something to really get your blood pumping.

Well, Sara Landry and the team at Austin Inside have just that in store for you this weekend.

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We had a few moments to talk with Sara about recent life, and what to expect on tomorrow's show - check it out.

Sara Landry Klubhaus 5/9

Sara Landry takes Klubhaus to the next level this Saturday on

How the hell have you been, and what activities/routines have been saving your sanity?

Great, aside from, you know, the pandemic, which is very scary and not great. I've been staying busy. 

(I've been) making music, working out, meditating, being creative, avoiding reading the news and the shocking amount of propaganda that seems to be making the rounds.

You're a mainstay in your city, and throw events there and contribute to the community - how has your scene been coping?

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Everyone is obviously struggling. We all miss seeing each other pretty badly, since we're like a family. Plus, a lot of us have seen our income vanish overnight (myself and the production team I'm working with this event on included). However, I feel incredibly blessed to be able to work with the incredibly talented production team behind Austin Inside, who invited me to come in and use the space they created for my Klubhaus: Bootleg Yuma stream and are hosing the Klubhaus stream on Saturday May 9. The streams have certainly been helping, but it's not quite the same as an in person event.

Tell us about Klubhaus - how did it start, and what is it turning into?

Klubhaus started as a warehouse party last year to promote my mau5trap EP. I loved that first event and have been doing a Klubhaus event roughly monthly since then, since I love playing long sets, controlling the production, and providing a European techno experience. It has been a lot of fun and it continues to grow.

What can people expect on tomorrow's stream?

Another four hours of warehouse techno with production from some of the best in the game (you've never seen a stream like this before)! The set will stream on my twitch channel. The space is also currently undergoing a makeover to provide a whole new stage setup for an updated streaming experience, which I know is going to be absolutely insane. I'm excited to be back at Austin Inside/CPD and to be working with my favorite production team: Erik Fink on production, lighting design by Kendall Clark, VJ by Freek Braspenning, and video by Caegan Meagher. I have a ton of new music to share that I'm super excited about, and I'm definitely going to be delivering a darker set than last time.

Sara Landry pounding the Klubhaus

Sara Landry crushing with her Austin Inside squad.

Any closing words for the folks online and around the world?

With all the streaming going on, please everyone STAY HOME and continue to socially distance so we can get through this and get back to work! Also tip your delivery drivers if you're ordering in a lot, and please, for the love of God, wear a mask when you go out!


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