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Magnetic Mix 100: Sara Landry

We end with a bang

It's now day 5 of our Magnetic Mix 100 celebration, and what better way than to end with an absolute bang. Over the past four days, we've had LA-locals Anakim, Matt Ossentjuk, and Kane, Canada's Shadowside, and now, we close this series with Texas-superstar Sara Landry

Sara Landry

Sara Landry

Hot off her recent EP on Kraftek, Sara has wasted no time during the lockdown period and has done two incredible 4-hour live stream performances that rival that of top festival productions. She also hosts her own club night called Klubhause, where she plays for hours at a time. Lately, she's been moving towards the more underground sound of techno, and below, she showcases this evolution in a masterful mix of hard-hitting club music.  


1. 1 X 1 X - God Realization

2. SHDW, Obscure Shape - Rebell

3. BSLS - The Conservative Queen of Ketamine

4. Sara Landry - Silicon Hex (Sara’s VIP Mix) [Unreleased]

5. Niereich - Underground Funk (REMY-X Remix)

6. DYEN - Jack

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7. Kontain - Spitting Blood

8. David Temessi, Marco Ginelli - Fatal E.T.

9. DYEN - Tell You What I Know

10. Alignment - Infinity

11. Norberto Lusso - Hologramms

12. Buried Secrets - Echoes From The Past

13. B2 - Hymnen an de Nacht

14. Viper Diva - Born to be Slytherin (Tbilisi Mix)

15. Barbax - Riot

16. Selective Response - The Wounds You Wear

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