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Not Another Live Stream: The Dojo Brings Shiba San To Their Virtual Nightclub Experience

Shiba San, Adam Auburn and Sam Hiller Make Their Dojo Debuts on Saturday.

Let's face it, I think it's clear by now that everybody misses going to concerts and festivals. As fans of live music we are constantly looking forward to the next show and it has been quite difficult to simply replace our beloved live music experiences with basic live streams with low production value.  At first I was happy to see so many streaming events pop up but their novelty soon wore off as the basic "streaming from your bedroom or studio" model just lacked that bit of extra magic that makes going to a live event so good. 

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However it appears that I am not the only one who feels this way. Enter The Dojo, a virtual nightclub experience now producing its fourth event this weekend. The Dojo is not your typical streaming event as founders / husband and wife, Toby and Monica Benson are looking to help fill the void created by Covid-19 by giving their friends and music fans a like a chance to party in a more interactive way. The couple has been working in the music / live events space for years and after our beloved concerts were ripped away from all of us, they were quick to create a concept that would stand out and really connect with all who participate. 

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"The Dojo was created out of the strong desire to feel a much needed release through music and connection, while staying safe at home. We were missing that and wanted to share it with everyone else. We see The Dojo platform as not only a temporary replacement, but also a re-imagination and enhancement of ways we can connect and explore experiences, even after all this is over."

- Monica Benson

The most recent Dojo event featured a special four hour performance by disco legend and Studio 54 resident DJ, Nicky Siano live from New York. The Dojo also hosted live aerialists from Las Vegas, and a Comedy Room segment with live stand up. This variety gives viewers a chance to enjoy different types of content on the same platform. They even offer a chill room away from the music where people can just go to hang out or stare at some neon lights if that's what you're trying to do. It reminds me of some of the mega clubs I used to go to where every room offered a bit of adventure and an opportunity to vibe out with different people.

The best part of The Dojo is as it grows it continues to get better. This Saturday Shiba San will take the headlining slot in the main room and I just got word that there will be a hosted bar room where you can make special cocktails live with a mixologist. With the event landscape still quite unclear for the foreseeable future, events like The Dojo may be the new norm and I invite all of you to check it out this weekend so you can see for yourself that not all live streams are the same and that there is a lot more you can do with a streaming event than you probably think. 

The Dojo goes live on Saturday at 8:00 pm PT and will also feature sets from Adam Auburn and Sam Hiller. 

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