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Summer is here and we’re feeling the heat in more ways than one. Whether you’re in isolation at home or in the forest, or more importantly, holding masked protests in the streets because Black Lives Matter, this heat is present in many of the tracks Indie Discotheque has selected for your ears this month. There’s always a uniqueness to the music filled and awash in synthesizer, and the music we found this month is certainly bringing the vibes we crave.

We have a Spotify playlist, and you can also check out the rest of the synth charts here.

1. The Midnight - Deep Blue

The music of The Midnight always comes with an undeniable level of momentum, and “Deep Blue” meets that mark, with its beautiful, balanced vocal and synth. And of course, a hit from The Midnight wouldn't be the same without a clear, projecting saxophone solo.

2. Dagny - Somebody

The synth work in this pop track from Dagny is so dreamy. It fully engulfs you in the moment, reminiscing of new experiences with others in the most personal of ways.

3. Tensnake - Somebody Else feat. Boy Matthews

While Dagny is singing about somebody, Boy Matthews is singing about “Somebody Else.” I didn’t expect this track from Tensnake, but I love this synthpop side of the project. It’s beautifully produced and I’m excited to hear more like it.

4. Departure - Ocean Breeze

We have set sail on a sonic adventure with Departure, whose atmospheric synth track, “Ocean Breeze” certainly conjures visions of water as far as your vision can take you.

5. Whilefalse - City Vibe

Continuing with atmospheric synth, Whilefalse has released this chill synth piece titled “City Vibe.” It features a percussive foundation with layer upon layer of synthesizer.

6. Limon Limon - Trying Not to Think About You (Bit Funk Remix)

Limon Limon has been one of my favorite projects recently, and “Trying Not to Think About You” has been getting a ton of play at Indie Discotheque. This remix from Bit Funk brings a whole new perspective with increased synthetic texture.

7. Mystery Skulls - God

Also on the indie dance chart this month, Mystery Skulls new album is a variety pack of sounds and influences. “God” is a track about trying to be better to others, an introspection we should all take the time to have right now.

8. The Chain Gang of 1974 - Philosophy of Love

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“Philosophy of Love” is another absolutely dreamy, synth laden ballad from The Chain Gang of 1974. I’ve been a fan since the start, and I love the direction this project is going.

9. Austra - I Am Not Waiting

I will never tire of the sound of Austra’s voice, which has an unexpected element of timidness in the verses of “I Am Not Waiting,” before bringing out her confident, projecting chorus, I’m over you.

10. Cavego - Huldra

Another fantastic piece of synth work from Cavego. “Hundra” could easily be twice as long as it is, but the pacing and arrangement of this track is a jaw-dropping 4:34 wonder.

11. Pablo Bozzi - Last Vision

This month brings a couple of tracks on the darker size of the synth. With swoops of bass and minor chord arpeggiation, Pablo Bozzi’s “Last Vision” blazes a path through to let us see.

12. Juno Dreams - RPM

Layer upon layer of synth in this new track from Juno Dreams, incorporating elements that I’m always drawn to, such as the use of voice as instrument and heavy guitar textures of limited scope.

13. Essy - One

Essy dropped an album this month, and it’s a fantastic display of pop. “One” is my favorite of the collection, which has perfect atmosphere applied to the arrangement.

14. Axity - What Are You Waiting For feat. Emilyn

I wasn’t expecting this from Axity at all, who has reigned in the progressive side and embraced synthpop. Hopefully this isn’t a one time thing, because we need more pop collaborations with vocalists like Emilyn.

15. Vandal Moon - Hurt

When Vandal Moon releases new music, I am drawn to it like ice cream on a hot summer’s day. The alternative side of me can’t help it, and “Hurt” is a great way to wind down the chart this month.

Hear all of these songs together in one convenient playlist:

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