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A. G. Cook Details New Album 'Apple,' Shares Single "Oh Yeah"

A. G. Cook is releasing another album next month.
A. G. Cook

A. G. Cook

On the heels of releasing his nearly three-hour, seven part album 7G, A. G. Cook has announced a new album Apple that will be released next month. He has unveiled the first song from the record “Oh Yeah.”

He says “Oh Yeah” was inspired by Shania Twain and how her voice can tell you as much about the song as you can the lyrics. “The song itself - like most pop music - is really about confidence & escapism, and how bittersweet those things can feel,” The PC Music founder says in a statement.

This album will be much more traditional compared to 7G, which involved covers and sketches drawn from various instruments. Though there isn’t really anything traditional about the way A. G. Cook puts together music, the 10 tracks come together in a way that flows evenly from start to finish.

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Apple is my own take on Personal Computer Music. I've always been interested in the blurred line between bedroom and professional studio production, and at what point a personality either gets created or accidentally takes shape. For me there's a great sense of freedom in combining something slick with something naive - a reality where anything could happen,” explains Cook.

“In calling the album Apple, I wanted to draw attention to one of the simplest, most everyday objects, which somehow contains references to almost everything imaginable - from computers to The Beatles, New York to Snow White, and an entire world of history and mythology. A little free advertising doesn't hurt.”

Apple will be released on September 18 via PC Music. Pre-order the record and see the tracklist below.

1. Oh Yeah
2. Xxoplex
3. Beautiful Superstar
4. Animals
5. Airhead
6. Haunted
7. The Darkness
8. Jumper
9. Stargon
10. Lifeline

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