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Playlist: E.M.M.A's 10 Favorite Film Soundtracks

Scores by Giorgio Moroder, Howard Shore & Hildur Guðnadóttir among the composers on her list.


UK composer and producer E.M.M.A released her new first album in seven years Indigo Dream at the end of July. A bright, colorful and beautiful record, she sought to explore “the fluid nature of a dream” that feel like a fantasy wonderland lost in a feverish dream. The record creates a kaleidoscopic mix of drums, swirling atmospheric pads and spooky organs with ravey 90’s synths into something you likely won’t hear this year.

Partially influenced by streams of unconsciousness and film scores, we asked E.M.M.A to share her favorite film scores and there are some classics among the 10. Read on for some great film scores that may make you want to watch these films and pay more attention to the scores.

1. Scarface

Tony’s Theme, Giorgio Moroder

It doesn’t get any better than this meeting of minds. I was quite late to Scarface but my jaw was on the floor from the second it started. The combination of Giorgio’s chord changes, Al Pacino’s face and Tony’s quest for a better life I found very moving.

2. Bronson

Glass Candy - Digital Versicolour

Tom Hardy losing his shit to retro electronica - sign me up.

3. Lost River

‘Yes’ - Chromatics - Symmetry Remix

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut. Amazing cast, other worldly setting, synths galore. Critics didn’t like it because they will never be Ryan Gosling, but this was an incredible contribution to the arena of film and should be treated as such.

4. LOTR - The Two Towers

King of the Golden Hall, Howard Shore

The music elevated these films. If we didn’t have Howard Shore on the buttons, you might raise an eyebrow at the dodgy CGI and tire of endless orcs as far as the eye can see. I’d go so far as to say the emotion expressed in the music helped develop my creative mind in my formative years.

5. VIVA DJANGO (1968)

Reverberi Brothers

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I can’t really put into words the effect this music has on me. How did they do it? How does it manage to encapsulate life and death? I should probably Google. The opening credits - the drama of silhouetted men punching each other to highly emotional, rallying music is very entertaining, it hasn’t been matched before or since.

6. A Woman Under The Influence

Bo Harwood

My hero, director John Cassavetes, asked Bo Harwood to rent a piano and learn it to do this score. He then kept most of the temp music, recorded in an office, because he loved it too much. I love that approach and that John wanted something raw with emotion. That’s my favorite vibe.

7. Thief

Tangerine Dream

I haven’t seen this, I just love the soundtrack. I learnt of James Caan from The Godfather so couldn’t believe my luck when Mum told me about this film. I haven’t watched it yet because it gives me something to look forward to.

8. Jackie

Mica Levi

Humble brag alert. I saw this at the Venice Film Festival. I love how Mica took seemingly presidential music and twisted it. I’ve always been very interested in The Kennedys and this did not disappoint.

9. Joker

Hildur Guðnadóttir 

This is the only time I’ve been in the cinema recently and felt like it had a sense of occasion. Hildur winning an Oscar is the last inspiring thing I can remember about this year.

10. Clockwork Orange

Wendy Carlos

We owe Wendy everything. 

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