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DJs Can Archive Audio From Live Streams On Mixcloud Live

The video from the live streams can't be archived however.
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Mixcloud has announced that users can archive the audio segments of live streams. This is a new feature for Mixcloud Live, which is part of the pay tier Mixcloud Pro.

As they explain in an FAQ, “As soon as you start broadcasting on Mixcloud Live, we will automatically start recording the audio from your stream. Recording will continue until you stop broadcasting via your streaming software or your stream continues past our recording limits.”

The archival limit is 8 hours per stream and it has to be over 15 minutes long.

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The major limitation is that Mixcloud won’t archive the video from your live stream.

“Please note that, as a primarily audio platform, we won't be archiving the video content from your stream at any point,” explains the service.

This means that if you have complex video production or are streaming from a beautiful outdoor spot, recording the video would still be up to you.

Prior to this, Mixcloud Live users had to record their own audio streams, which could be a pain compared to other services. 

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